How to Protect Your Residents Against Package Theft

Since March of 2020, online retailers across the globe have seen an uptick in sales in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as businesses have opened their doors to customers and more and more people are becoming comfortable being out in public, many still rely on the internet to obtain essential items such as food and personal care products as well as clothing, gifts and everything in between.

With the unprecedented sales by large companies such as Amazon, package delivery rates have skyrocketed. For owners of residential communities, it is not uncommon for delivery drivers to deliver hundreds of packages in a day to the property. Increases in online shopping and package delivery have had some unfortunate results – surges in package theft. 

As a property manager or owner, there are steps you can take to prevent the theft of packages on your property. In this article, we will highlight three things you can do to keep people and property safe at your residential community all year long, and especially during the holiday season.

3 Tips for Preventing Package Theft

Take access management seriously.

Buildings that allow easy access to residents and their guests can be convenient at times. However, when it comes to protecting people and preventing property theft, adequate handling of access management is key. Take steps to ensure that lobby doors have working locking mechanisms. If possible, use a key FOB or access card system to make it even more difficult for unauthorized people to enter the premises.

If your building has a concierge service, be sure that he or she receives proper training on how to identify suspicious people and behavior. Make sure there are procedures in place to report suspicious activity, faulty locks and lighting or anything else that could make it easier for a thief to perpetrate a crime. Requiring all residents and visitors to sign into the property is another effective way of deterring would-be criminals from attempting to access the premises and steal a package. 

The access management system you choose will rely heavily on the configuration of your property. Consult with an experienced security company to assist you in understanding your options for keeping your access points safe and secure. 

Designate a secure package area.

On some properties, it is common for delivery drivers to leave packages at the front doors of your residents. This can leave residents vulnerable to theft. Other properties may collect packages in the main office for residents to pick up at a later time. While this may offer some additional protection compared to leaving packages near residents’ doors, these areas are not always staffed properly to ensure that packages are constantly watched. Plus, residents are unable to obtain their items after hours, making it an inconvenience rather than an appreciated service.

If possible, it is ideal to designate a package area that is monitored regularly and secured. Other systems, such as package lockers, can also help reduce theft. When a resident receives a package, the delivery driver leaves the package in a locker. The key to that locker is then placed in the resident’s mailbox to allow them access to their designated locker and their package whenever they want it. 

Hire residential security guards. 

Security guards are the leading deterrent to thieves. A uniformed guard performing a live patrol or managing access to packages can be a very effective way of keeping your property safe. Install signage to let would-be thieves know that professional security guards are monitoring the premises and performing patrols to identify thieves. If you currently have security guard services, consider adding additional guards temporarily to protect your residents from package theft after hours and during the busy holiday season.

At Off Duty Officers, we are the leading provider of residential security guards for apartment and condominium communities across the country. Guards understand the specific threats that apartment communities and condos face, especially when it comes to package theft. While it may be impossible to prevent every incidence of theft on your property, live security guards are the best way to ensure that your residents feel safe and secure.

If you require residential security guards to prevent package theft at your community, contact the security experts at Off Duty Officers today. Our team of security specialists has been assisting clients like you for over 25 years. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the premier residential security guard services available today.

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