5 Mistakes to Avoid At Your Residential Community

People choose to live in gated communities because of the safety and security. They are willing to pay more for their homes or apartments because security is of great value. Everyone wants to feel safe at home, and if you own or manage a gated community it is your responsibility to provide that service to your residents. When prospective residents visit your property, you can be sure that security will be one of their primary concerns. If your property has experienced a large number of security threats in recent years, potential residents will look at other communities instead. 

Putting a gate around your community isn't enough to keep the people and property inside of it safe. As a property manager, there are a variety of other security considerations that you must keep in mind in order to protect your property, your residents and your reputation. From record keeping and scheduling to communication, there are some mistakes you want to avoid. Read on to learn about the five top mistakes to avoid at your residential community .

5 Mistakes to Avoid At Your Residential Community 

Unclear roles and responsibilities

When it comes to security, there are many moving parts. One of the greatest failures comes when security guards, property staff and the owner do not have clear roles and responsibilities when it comes to security situations. Your staff, as well as your hired security guards, must be completely aware of their own responsibilities and how they're supposed to work together. 

Property managers should provide a document that describes the duties that security is responsible for. You should communicate your security policy to all pertinent staff including contracted security guards to be sure that everyone is on the same page. By doing this work at the start, you can avoid unnecessary security breaches and potentially dangerous situations that could put people and property at risk. 

Lack of record keeping processes

When defining roles and responsibilities, one aspect that should not be ignored is your record keeping processes. You should be sure to clearly define what is to be recorded and who is responsible for recording it. For example, gated communities should have visitor logs that record who enters and exits the property at all times. If you do not have clear processes in place, it will be much more difficult to track down a perpetrator in the event of a security situation. Having processes is great; however, they are only effective if they are consistent. Whatever policy you decide on, be sure that it is replicated each and every time to ensure the accuracy and usability of your records. 

Inconsistent scheduling 

You could have all the security policies recommended by the best security company in the business. You could hire a premier team of security personnel to provide access management or mobile patrols on the premises. But your security is only as good as your commitment to being consistent. 

What will you do when a security guard calls in sick? Do you have a Plan B if an emergency situation takes your guards away from your main gate or other station? Inconsistent scheduling of your security personnel could pose a serious vulnerability to your property and your residents. As an owner or operator of a gated community or other residential property, you must have contingency plans in place so you can be sure that your property is covered at all times. 

Failure to communicate with residents 

Your residents rely on you to provide security guidance. They expect that you will secure the premises with reliable, competent and experienced security personnel. They expect that security technology, gates and other preventative measures are in working order and can be relied upon to provide information necessary to keep residents and their properties safe. 

At the same time, residents should be expected to take an active role in their safety. However, they can’t do this without guidance and communication from property staff and security. Residents should know who to contact for a variety of security situations such as a theft or burglary, a home invasion or a physical assault. They should be aware of community rules and suggestions for keeping their property safe. They should also be aware of any changes to security protocols as well as all security-related policies. 

Failure to assess security risks 

One of the most common mistakes gated communities make is hiring a security guard company without doing the research first. While gated communities will face some of the same security vulnerabilities, every property is different and has its own unique security needs. 

An inexperienced security guard company will attempt to convince you to purchase cookie-cutter solutions rather than taking the time to assess your unique security vulnerabilities and requirements. As the owner or operator of a gated community, it is your responsibility to do preliminary research to identify your greatest security threats. Then, interview several security companies to find the one that helps you evaluate your threats and provides you with a comprehensive set of security solutions. 

Residential community security services 

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