5 Security Mistakes to Avoid at Your Gated Community

Prospective residents of gated communities are looking for more than amenities, open floorplans and a convenient location. They require safe and secure places to call home for themselves and their families. If potential residents don’t feel safe, they will move on to the next community. And if current residents experience safety issues, they will look for a new place to call home. 

Property managers should understand what features will attract residents and retain them for the long term. One of the biggest mistakes managers make is putting security protocols on the back burner. Read on to learn about the most common security mistakes that property managers make that put the safety of their residents, employees and properties at risk.

5 Security Mistakes to Avoid at Your Gated Community 

Performing a partial security assessment.

When you aren’t aware of your risks, it is difficult to guard against them. Assessing the vulnerabilities of your gated community will help you gain an understanding of the crime profile of the area, your specific security threats and the resources you need to combat against them. Hire a professional security company to perform a thorough risk assessment. Establish a contact with local law enforcement to get the latest security information for your area. 

Lack of clarity on roles and responsibilities. 

Communication is key to any successful relationship – including the relationships among your staff, residents and your security team. It is imperative that you establish very clear roles and responsibilities so every party involved knows what they are expected to do in the event of an emergency. Responsibilities should be posted and made available to all staff and your security team. Among many other topics, it should include information on security procedures, direct contacts in law enforcement and the proper channels for escalating security issues.  

Not communicating security information with residents.

Your security team and your staff should not be the only ones who are aware of the security procedures in your gated community. Often, residents are the eyes and ears of your staff and the first ones to identify a potential security issue. Residents should know who to contact when an emergency occurs. They should also be made aware of the community’s security protocols so they are aware of when things are not working as they should. Community managers should hold regular meetings with residents and the security team to give updates on security issues and solicit questions from the residents. 

Neglecting to secure all access points. 

Perhaps the biggest threat that gated communities face are related to unsecured access points. Uninvited guests to a property can cause a great deal of disruption. They may commit crimes such as theft, break-ins, loitering, physical assaults and vandalism that can cost you money and the confidence of your residents. Gated communities, even those with highly sophisticated gates, are not immune to this kind of threat. Be sure that you have all entrances manned by a professional, experienced security guard. Perform regular patrols to ensure that all electronics and access gates are in working order. Log all who enter and exit the property. 

Failing to provide 24/7 security staff.

Security issues at a gated community can occur at any time of the day. To adequately protect your property and residents, you should have security staff on site at all times. Savvy thieves can monitor your property and learn when you do not have the premises manned with guards. This is when they will make their move. Ensure that you have security coverage 24/7. Document the proper procedure for coverage when a staff member is absent so you know you will always have someone there to protect. 

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