How Security Guards Can Protect Your Apartment Building

Our home should be a place where we feel safe and secure. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many of us spending more time at home than usual, security seems more important than ever before. Apartment owners and managers have a responsibility to provide a secure environment for their residents. However, without the proper security plans in place, keeping apartment buildings and communities safe can be a daunting and difficult task. 

Unsecured apartment buildings can be targets for a variety of crimes including vandalism, theft, arson, physical assaults and loitering. Parking lots that are not monitored regularly can be hotspots for burglaries, drug deals and other nefarious activities. 

If you own or manage an apartment building or community, you must take the security of your residents and your property seriously. One of the most effective ways to protect your assets and provide peace of mind for your residents is to hire professional security personnel to handle on-site security threats. 

Many owners and operators think they can handle security in-house, but soon find out that it is challenging to train and manage novice guards. With a reputable, nationwide company like Off Duty Officers, you can feel confident that the guards handling your security are qualified, reliable and professionally trained. Not only that, they are licensed and insured so you don’t have to worry about any issues down the line. 

How can on-site security guards protect your property? Here are 5 of the top reasons why security guards are one of the most important assets to an apartment building or community. 

5 Reasons to Hire Apartment Building Security Guards 

Provide an advantage over security cameras. 

While security cameras and surveillance systems have their benefits, they have serious limitations that can impact your ability to protect your property. Cameras and other technology can be easy to predict for a savvy thief or a bad actor who is willing to invest some time into their crime. 

Security guards, on the other hand, are unpredictable. While they may engage in routine mobile patrols or other activities, they can vary their schedules to patrol the premises at random. Instead of reacting to a crime in progress, security guards are able to identify potential security threats and proactively take steps to mitigate the threat, such as confronting the bad actor, contacting the authorities or helping a victim of a crime. 

Offer customer service and improve relationships. 

Security guards stationed at entrance gates of a property or in the lobby of a building can provide many vital services for apartment managers and residents. Gate attendants can check credentials, monitor guest access and identify suspicious activity or people. Trained guards will know what to look for when encountering a suspicious individual and have the ability to confidently communicate that information to law enforcement. 

Security guards providing concierge services offer a friendly yet authoritative face to guests and residents. They can answer questions and be a source of helpful information that helps to build a sense of community. Guards become a mainstay in the daily lives of your residents, helping them feel more satisfied with their living environment.  

Give residents and guests peace of mind. 

When you enter a property and see uniformed, professional guards on site, residents and guests will have peace of mind knowing that there is someone there to protect and serve them. A resident coming home late at night can feel confident that there is a guard on duty who can watch their backs and assist them in the event of an emergency. 

Mobile patrols can monitor common areas such as pools, lounges, fitness centers and parking garages to ensure that these areas are safe for residents. Again, security guards help contribute to an overall feeling of assuredness, safety and calm. 

Trained to handle a variety of security threats. 

Threats to people and property can occur any time of day. While there are some common threats that endanger residents and guests of apartment buildings, new threats emerge all the time. By choosing to hire a professional security guard company, you are working with trained and qualified guards. 

In addition to standard training, many guards go above and beyond to receive additional qualifications and licenses to better serve their customers. At Off Duty Officers, many of our guards are off duty or retired law enforcement and military personnel, so you can rest assured that they have the skills and experience to keep you safe. 

Respond in real-time to any threats. 

On-site security guards are trained to assess and respond to all kinds of security threats. Not only do they have the knowledge to identify suspicious people and behavior, they have a “toolbox” of skills and experience to help them de-escalate tense situations, handle irate individuals and protect others from harm. In addition, they know what kind of information is helpful to law enforcement. Security guards can effectively communicate with the police or medical personnel so you can find the criminal, help the injured and prevent similar crimes in the future. 

Apartment Building Security Guards Nationwide

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