5 Duties of Apartment Security Guards

Our personal safety and security is a concern no matter where we go. But there is one place that we always want to feel safe: our homes. Apartment managers have a responsibility to keep their residents safe and secure while on the property. However, this can be a difficult task.

Loitering, trespassing, vandalism and theft are common crimes that occur in apartment complexes. Additional threats, including shootings and violent assaults, are also of concern for apartment managers, residents and their guests.

One of the most effective ways of ensuring the safety of residents in an apartment community is to hire private security guards. The role of an apartment security guard is more than just a visible deterrent to crime. Their jobs are complex and require expert training, professionalism and skill to handle a multitude of challenging safety issues. Let’s explore five of the primary duties of a security guard at an apartment complex.

5 Duties of an Apartment Security Guard

Patrol the property and parking lots.

Both foot and mobile patrols are effective ways of preventing crime at an apartment community. Parking lots are common places for crimes to occur, especially in those lots that are dimly lit and not patrolled by guards. Apartment security guards make their regular rounds to identify suspicious behavior and mitigate any threats that they identify. Security guards work directly with management to determine where the property is most vulnerable and how to best patrol the area to deter crime.

Log guests and manage access.

One of the most significant factors that contribute to a feeling of security at an apartment complex is knowing that access is being managed by a professional. Apartment security guards check-in and check-out visitors to ensure that only residents and their guests are on the premises at all times. Guards also help manage vendors that may be coming in and out of the property frequently. Maintaining a log of visitors at your apartment community can aid in identifying a criminal if a security threat does occur.

Deter criminal acts.

The mere presence of a security guard at your apartment community is often enough to deter criminals from even attempting a crime. Visible security guards make would-be thieves, vandals or attackers think twice before stepping on your property. Guards also give residents peace of mind in knowing that they are protected by qualified, highly trained security guards who can act in the face of any security threat.

Respond to emergency situations.

In the unfortunate event that a security breach does occur, apartment security guards have the training to respond and resolve issues quickly and effectively. Since they are on the property, guards are able to answer an alarm or emergency call promptly, and often before law enforcement arrives on the scene. As a first responder, apartment security guards are trained to calmly communicate with emergency personnel, helping to manage stressful situations effectively.

Coordinate with management and law enforcement.

Apartment security guards maintain reports on all security events that occur on the property. Their reporting aids in coordinating with management and addressing security vulnerabilities that come up. In addition, apartment security guards are trained on how to liaise with law enforcement and emergency medical personnel when required. If they are unable or do not have the authority to mitigate a threat, security guards will communicate with the appropriate agency to ensure that help is on the way.

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