How Guards Can Boost Your Customer Service

When most people think of security guards, they think of burly professionals in dark suits on the prowl for bad guys. They rarely think of security guards as a valuable asset to their customer service initiatives. However, security guards play a large role when it comes to interacting with your customers. Their professionalism and knowledge can engage and delight your customers, giving them a more positive view of your business.

As a business owner, customer service is a vital measure of your success. Customers will not return to do business with you if they feel ignored, disrespected or not valued during their interactions with your staff members. If you have security guards on your property, you should consider that they can fulfill more than a typical security guard role. Security guards can provide valuable customer service including:

Greeting Customers

A security guard stationed at the entrance of your business is often the first person that a customer will see. Depending on the nature of your business, your employees may be busy managing the register, filling inventory or serving customers inside the premises. A security guard can make your customers feel welcome by greeting them with a friendly face and welcoming them to your establishment. Not only does this improve the overall impression that customers have of your business, it communicates in no uncertain terms that you take the security of your business and your customers seriously.

Giving Customers Peace of Mind

Customers want to feel safe while doing business with you. They want to know that while they are on your property they are safe and secure. Security guards stationed near the entrance of your property not only serve to provide a positive first impression in a friendly greeting, they also immediately give your customers the peace of mind in knowing that they are protected by a professional.

Providing Information

Very often, customers will have a question about where to locate a particular product or department as soon as they enter the store. If your staff members are busy serving other customers, a security guard will be their first point of contact. 

Security guards can learn your business and understand the layout of your property so they can be of assistance to customers who want to quickly find the product they are looking for. Security guards can also share other valuable information such as your hours of operation, the location of the restroom and any parking restrictions in the area. In addition to providing information, security guards can provide assistance to customers with disabilities, mothers with strollers and young children or older individuals who need assistance.

Assisting in an Emergency

While no one wants to think about the potential for a security situation, it is a reality that you must be prepared for as a business owner. If there is a security situation on the premises, such as a fire, active shooter, violent or angry individual or any other situation that could put people in harm's way, a professional security guard will know exactly what to do. They have the skills and the training to react quickly and get people to safety. They know how to communicate with law enforcement and medical professionals so that they can get the help to those who need it fast.

Security Guards Provide Value for Businesses

Anyone who owns or operates a business understands that your business is only as successful as the satisfaction of your customers. If you can provide exceptional customer service, you can almost guarantee that your customers will return, or at the very least, refer you to their friends and family.

Security guards can help you in this goal by providing customer service, in addition to fulfilling their security roles. Guards are able to greet customers and answer their questions. They can also provide necessary assistance to those with mobility or health issues. Finally, security guards can use their training and extensive knowledge to deter and react to crimes, while securing individuals and communicating with the authorities.

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