When Should You Hire Fire Watch Guards?

No matter what type of business you operate, you are responsible for protecting your employees, customers and visitors from the threat of a fire. High-tech alarm, security and fire systems are an effective means of protection, but what happens when they malfunction?

To ensure the safety of your business, temporary or full-time fire watch security guards will provide you with superior protection. In this article, we will introduce reasons why your business might need fire watch guards as well as who might benefit from these security services.

To learn more about fire watch security services at Off Duty Officers, visit our Fire Watch Security Services page for a full description of the services we provide. If you have questions about your need for fire watch services, do not hesitate to call our security professionals. With over 25 years of experience in the security guard industry, our staff is knowledgeable and fully able to address all of your concerns.

What is Fire Watch Security?

When a sprinkler system or fire alarm is under maintenance or inoperable for some reason, there is an increased risk of a fire emergency. Similarly, if work is being done on a property that involves open flames or sparks, there is a higher chance of a fire occurring. In these scenarios, among several others, the local fire marshal may require the business owner to have fire watch guards on duty until the threat is over.

Fire watch guards serve a vital role for business owners and managers in keeping their properties and people safe and secure. Some of the primary functions of a fire watch guard from Off Duty Officers include:

  • Look out for smoke, open flames or increased temperatures.
  • Identify and remove hazards that block emergency exits.
  • Check fire extinguishers to ensure they are available and in working order.
  • Maintain a supply of emergency fire equipment to extinguish small fires until the fire department arrives on the scene.
  • Understand evacuation procedures and be able to assist employees, customers and visitors.
  • Communicate with property owners, law enforcement and the fire department in the event of an emergency.

Who Could Benefit from Fire Watch Security?

Many types of businesses could benefit from fire watch guards at some point. Guards may be required for short or long term assignments depending on the type of business and their needs.

Businesses that have a constant threat of fire, such as in the manufacturing industry, may be required to have full-time fire watch guards on staff. Construction sites are another common location where fire watch guards are needed. These sites may be home to heavy-duty equipment, welding projects and chemicals that present an increased fire risk. Many of these properties do not have operating fire and sprinkler systems in place yet. Fire watch guards can assist operators in monitoring for signs of fire both during business hours and after hours.

Cities, businesses and sports venues that are celebrating special occasions such as the 4th of July may want to use fireworks and other pyrotechnics. While they are considered a staple at many celebrations across the country, they can be dangerous. In many municipalities, it is required to have qualified fire watch guards on site.

6 Reasons to Hire Fire Watch Security

Now that you are more familiar with fire watch security services and the types of businesses that may require them, let’s list some of the benefits of hiring experienced fire watch guards.

Many business owners opt to hire their own employees to handle fire watch duties to cut down on costs. However, this is never a good idea. Trained fire watch guards have specific skills and knowledge in the area of fire watch, something your untrained employees will not have. Don’t put people’s lives at risk just to save a little time or money. Find a reputable fire watch security guard company near you to get trained professionals on site.

Fire watch guards:

  1. Ensure you are compliant with local regulations.
  2. Have the training and skills that your staff doesn’t.
  3. Help save lives in a fire emergency situation.
  4. Act as a knowledgeable resource for the fire department.
  5. Seamlessly implement the emergency protocols of your business.
  6. Give staff, customers, visitors and owners peace of mind.

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