Fastest Growing Security Guard Services for 2021

Businesses across all industries share certain common concerns. No matter the size of your business or your annual revenue, the security and safety of your people, assets and intellectual property is a top priority. Last year, new security concerns created changes in the lives of people and in the way businesses conduct themselves. 

To address these changes, security guards have been called on more than ever before to provide an array of services that are needed in this new social climate. Health and safety protocols have required security guards to work even harder to maintain the security of businesses and organizations, hospitals and retail establishments. Guards have been tasked with implementing these protocols to protect people in ways that they've never had to before. 

If you are a business owner, chances are that the year 2020 presented some new and difficult challenges. You may be more aware of your security vulnerabilities based on the unprecedented times we have experienced both nationally and globally. You may be considering how you can protect your business and your customers now and in the future. While your security plans may be varied and depend on the nature of your business, there is one solution that is tried and true for any business that maintains a physical space. 

Security Guards and Your Business 

For over 25 years, Off Duty Officers has provided businesses of all sizes and across all industries with the most professional, reliable and competent security guards in the business. In recent months, we have seen guards utilized in many different ways. Small businesses that never thought they would need a guard have hired temporary guards to protect their premises from riots and looting. Others have used guards to help them manage customers in response to the coronavirus pandemic and to ensure they are complying with local health and safety regulations. 

There are a number of sectors that have been especially impacted by these challenges who have successfully used security guards to enhance their safety and protect their businesses going forward. Some of the businesses that have started or increased their use of security guards include: 

Retail Establishments 

Brick and mortar stores, small businesses, big box retailers and restaurants have all found an increased need and more significant usefulness of security guards. Security guards have protected vacant buildings during prolonged shutdowns and have secured property in locations impacted by social unrest. As many smaller and medium sized businesses were tasked with enforcing social distancing, taking temperatures and other preventative measures against COVID-19, security guards played an integral role in ensuring their compliance and keeping people safe. 


While many hospitals have used security guards in the past to protect patients, valuable equipment and medications, the role of security guards in hospital and health care facilities has significantly increased recently. As many cities in our country continue to be inundated by COVID-19 patients, security guards will continue to have a strong presence in health care facilities in order to maintain order and enforce the necessary protocols to keep people safe. 

Commercial Buildings 

Large companies, especially those in populous cities throughout the country, moved to remote work almost a year ago. While many are still allowing employees to work from home, still others have made the decision to maintain a work from home policy indefinitely. This means that large office buildings will continue to be vacant. 

Whether these buildings are sold and used for another purpose remains to be seen. However, one thing is clear. These buildings need protection from vandals, thieves and others who wish to act criminally. Security guards are the number one deterrent to these kinds of crimes. Not only do they cause bad actors to think twice before targeting that commercial building, guards can react quickly in the event that a security situation does take place. 

Off Duty Officers Leads the Nation in Security Guard Solutions

If you are a business owner operating in this day and age, you most likely have been thinking about security more than ever before. At Off Duty Officers, we are the leading provider of off duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel to handle a wide variety of security needs. Do not hesitate to contact our security specialists today to learn more about how we can provide you with peace of mind with our professional security guards teams. 

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