Private Security Guard Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

The last few months have been a whirlwind for many business owners across the United States. From forced closures and limited openings to mask orders and other social distancing regulations, many businesses have had to shut their doors permanently or completely change the way they do business. 

For those who are still operating in some capacity, the new and ever-changing safety rules have put a lot of pressure on business owners and managers. They are being tasked with developing appropriate safety and sanitation protocols for their employees and customers that are in compliance with local regulations. If they are unsuccessful, they risk fines or business closures. Plus, they need to enforce the social distancing protocols which can put a strain on businesses, many of which are operating with minimal staff to begin with. 

To alleviate some of this stress, businesses of all sizes are turning to security guard companies to help them navigate these challenging times. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escalate in recent weeks, there has been an increased reliance on private security guard companies to provide security and support. There are a number of vital jobs that a security guard can perform to keep you and your business safe, compliant and open for business.  Read on to learn about how private security guards can contribute to your peace of mind during the pandemic. 

Private Security Guard Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

Maintain social distancing and health protocols. 

Local governments have begun instituting their own social distancing protocols for both essential and non-essential businesses and operations. These include maintaining 6 feet of distance, limiting the number of people in a space at one time and wearing a mask or face covering. Enforcing these protocols has been left up to the businesses and their employees; however, it can be a challenge to ask your staff to do their jobs, monitor customers and apply the regulations all at the same time. 

We have seen a number of news reports that show customers who refuse to comply with the rules, especially those related to wearing masks. Staff members have been accosted by irate customers which can cause a threat to the safety of all inside the business and tarnish the business’s reputation.

Security guards can eliminate the need to involve your employees in enforcement of the safety and health protocols. Guards allow your staff to focus on business, rather than confronting possibly hostile customers. Uniformed guards administer the rules in a professional and respectful manner, limiting the risk of an unsafe or dangerous interaction. 

Secure and protect closed businesses and buildings.

Even though some establishments have opened their doors, there are still many buildings that are closed and will be for the foreseeable future. Owners of these properties still need to protect the premises from potential vandals, thieves and squatters who might want to take advantage of the vacancy. Security guards provide mobile patrols to monitor the property for suspicious behavior and report a crime to the proper authorities. Patrols can be both scheduled and random to give your business the best protection. In addition to patrols, guards can also post at your entry areas to ensure that only those who are authorized are on the property during its closure. 

Security Guards for Small and Medium Sized Businesses 

If you own or manage a business, you are surely facing a great deal of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems that the situation changes almost daily, making it difficult for business owners to keep up with the demands of operating a business and maintaining safety and health protocols. Now more than ever, private security guards are a vital asset to owners and managers who want to ensure that their employees and customers are safe and that their businesses remain open and operational. 

Are you considering hiring security guards for your business? Are you unsure if it is the right choice for you? Contact Off Duty Officers today to talk with one of our security specialists about your security needs during the pandemic. 

Every day, our team works with people just like you who are concerned about operating their businesses during these uncertain times. A free consultation with our specialists will help you determine the level of security you need to get the results that you want. We have helped hundreds of small and medium sized businesses secure their sites by providing highly trained temporary and permanent, armed and unarmed guards. Call today to learn more about our custom security guard services. 

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