Can Workplace Ownership Create Conflict?

Most companies yearn for employees to embrace ownership of the workplace so that the workplace is an extension of themselves. It is said that approaching one’s job as an owner yields more genuine results because ownership means taking responsibility and making decisions as if making them for their own business. During COVID-19 lockdowns and reduced workforce on site, many people who were still showing up due to their roles took ownership and were charged with decisions they usually would not have been in the position to make. Many rose to the occasion, and good choices were made. However, the return of decision-makers is creating some tension between those who have been there throughout and those just returning. This is especially true with contractors who worked throughout the pandemic while the corporations’ employees worked remotely and occasionally came on-site. Now, as companies are requesting people return to the workplace, not only is sharing space an issue, but some employees feel disgruntled now that the freedom and responsibility they enjoy are coming to an end.

Forced Space Sharing Creates Workplace Tension

It is recently becoming a pressing issue as more and more people return to the workplace. Corporations with government contracts feel the crunch because government agency employees were all told to work remotely. Most contractors stayed on-site throughout the pandemic. They now have to give up office space, meeting rooms, and preferred parking. Some have shared that it feels like an infringement on space, although the area was shared quite efficiently before the pandemic.

Many do not realize that the space that is once again being shared was once plenty for everyone. Ownership can shift this feeling, even if it is not a reality. Something as simple as a meeting room that has been unoccupied for years is now needed by two groups. The dynamic of compromising to meet the needs of all parties seems to have been a bit lost through the pandemic. Corporations must work diligently to bring this back around to normal. Sharing is caring, after all.

Security Presence is a Workplace Equalizer

Corporations are taking measures to encourage mental wellness in the workplace, but some have added private security guards as a precaution and deterrent to any unwelcome behavior. Even when bothered by the re-sharing of the workplace, most people grumble a little and leave it alone. However, some people experienced especially hard times during the pandemic. Maybe they lost someone to COVID-19 or had other tragedies happen over the last couple of years. When the workplace has added stress of the pandemic, all these events build on one another. Workplace conflicts can come out because of being over-stressed.

It is also true that some people realized over the pandemic they did not enjoy their work, and coming back brings the reality up close and personal. If you have ever been in the workplace with someone who does not like their job, it can negatively affect the entire office. It is highly likely that with the return of all employees, some will either be asked to leave or choose not to return. Anytime there is an employee situation, and someone is being released from their job, tensions can elevate quickly. It is even more true when someone is not expecting to be let go or their actions have resulted in immediate termination. It is in these situations having on-site security guards can have great significance.

Workplace Security Guards

The best professional security guards build rapport with those in the workplace and learn the dynamics of the employees. This insight and awareness allow security guards to be alerted if someone’s behavior seems peculiar. Highly trained security guards may be assigned with firearms or without. Depending on the workplace environment, armed guards may not be necessary. An experienced security coordinator can help companies decide what is best. Because the men and women who serve in these roles have strong backgrounds in law enforcement and the military, they are pretty capable of diffusing situations with or without a firearm.

Employees also like the presence of a security guard in case of an emergency. Security guards are an easy point of contact in case of an emergency. They bring knowledge and confidence to evacuate and act quickly, getting people to safety. In something as small as first aid, security guards also have the training to handle these situations masterfully and work with other emergency agencies. The knowledge and experience of the most highly trained guards mean a safe workplace environment. If corporations want their staff to return, providing them security presence is a brilliant and affordable idea. If you are considering security guards for the workplace, contact Off Duty Officers, Inc. for a free quote and to speak with an expert who will happily guide you to the best options for your budget.


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