Why Small Business Owners Should Hire Temporary Security Guards

For many people, owning a small business is the American dream. It takes time, money and passion to bring your business to life- and your hard work should be protected. Small business owners across the country have met with troubling times over the last 6 months. COVID-19 has decimated many mom-and-pop shops and other smaller enterprises that don’t have big names and deep pockets. Yet, even many of those mainstays have gone under in recent months. 

With all of the uncertainty, many businesses have gone to all-remote workplaces or are partially operational. This has left them with a plethora of new considerations, from how to keep the doors open and employees paid, to how to adequately protect the people and property that make up their businesses. 

Smaller businesses often don’t have the budget to hire full security teams, high-tech equipment or shut down completely until brighter days emerge. Instead, they have to think on their feet and be flexible as they come up with solutions for keeping their businesses surviving. 

When it comes to security, many smaller businesses are looking to temporary, unarmed guards to provide the protection they need while still staying within their budgets. 

Why Hire Temporary Security Guards? 

Not every business and situation requires, full-time, armed security officers. In fact, most smaller businesses can have more than enough protection with a small team of temporary, unarmed guards. Temporary guards can be useful in any number of situations, including: 

  • Private parties and events
  • Political conventions and rallies
  • Shopping surges around the holidays
  • Construction sites
  • Vacant buildings 
  • Social distancing enforcement 
  • Looting and riots
  • Sick or vacation time coverage 

Unarmed guards for temporary assignments are still highly-trained and qualified professionals. They have expertise in identifying suspicious behavior, performing mobile patrols of the premises, monitoring access to the property, checking credentials and enforcing other rules and regulations of the business. 

In recent months, temporary, unarmed guards have been integral in enforcing the various social distancing procedures that many businesses have put in place to protect employees and customers. Measures that security guards have helped enforce include maintaining 6 feet of distance between people, wearing a mask and even de-escalating angry or upset customers who refuse to follow the rules of the business. 

The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Security Guards 

Compared to high-dollar surveillance systems and full teams of around-the-clock security officers, temporary and unarmed guards can be an economical and effective solution. 


Hiring security in-house or committing to a long-term contract can be time consuming and provide little flexibility as your business needs change. By choosing to work with temporary guards, you can get qualified guards to your door quickly and with very little hassle. You can also feel confident that you are getting the amount of security you need for your unique security requirements. 


Full-time, armed guards are the right solution for larger enterprises and those who handle cash or valuable merchandise or intellectual property. For smaller businesses or those who operate with much less overhead, a team of full-time, armed guards would be excessive and expensive. Temporary, unarmed guards are an affordable security option that still provides the support and peace of mind that business owners want. 


All too often, small business owners hire their own security personnel or give the responsibility to a willing employee. While you may get lucky, chances are that they will require training that you may not have the ability to provide. When you hire temporary guards from a private security company, you can rest assured that you are getting trained, qualified and reliable guards who have experience in the type of security your business needs. 

Less Intimidating 

Customers and employees can feel intimidated by the appearance of teams of armed guards at your business. It can give them the sense that there is a threat or that they are not inherently safe in your place of business. Unarmed guards, on the other hand, can blend in and provide a sense of security without being over-the-top. 

Hire Temporary Unarmed Security Guards Today

If your small business has felt the need for security assistance to fend against property crimes, temporary, unarmed guards might be the right option for you. Many small business owners have contacted Off Duty Officers for advice on how to handle the emerging threats they are facing. After consulting with our security specialists, they have learned whether temporary guards are the best option to meet their needs.

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