Why Cameras Are Not The Answer
To Your Security Concerns

As a business owner or property manager, you may think that a top-of-the-line security and camera system will be the answer to all of your security concerns. While this technology certainly has its benefits, it lacks some very important characteristics that only security professionals possess. If you have security concerns at your business or on your property, security guards are one of your best defenses against a variety of threats including theft, vandalism, unauthorized access or workplace violence.

Security guards add a human element that security systems, no matter how advanced, just cannot possess. Guards have training that allows them to make decisions on the spot and to assess the threats and environment to make the right security decision.

Do you own or manage a property? Are you a business owner who has serious security concerns? Learn why security guards are often more successful at protecting your people and property than automated camera and security systems.

Effective Deterrence to Crime

We've all seen a security camera outside of a building or inside a store. And while for many people, the idea of being filmed committing a crime would be enough to deter them, it is not uncommon to find that these systems are inoperable. Very often, businesses invest money in a security system, and over time, allow the maintenance, updates or service contracts to expire. This leaves them with out-of-date technology that is often out of service and rarely provides the video evidence required to identify a perpetrator.

Further, the real high-tech and hidden security cameras that some businesses invest tens of thousands of dollars into may catch a criminal in action. However, they will do little to deter a crime in the first place. Visible security features are more effective at causing thieves to think twice before targeting your business.

Security guards standing at the entrance to your business, patrolling your parking lot or checking credentials at access points creates an immediate visible deterrence to crime. A thief is far less likely to target your property if they see professional, uniformed security guards on site whose job it is to find thieves like them.

Assessing Security Threats

Security cameras are not perfect. In fact, one of their greatest flaws is their inability to think like a human. How can a traditional security system tell the difference between a thief stealing merchandise or one of your employees restocking another section of your store? How can a sensor tell the difference between a burglary or merchandise that came a bit too close to the security sensor?

Just like car alarms that we hear all the time, security sensors in retail establishments often go ignored because they are tripped so easily. Employees frequently tell customers not to worry about it because the sensor goes off inadvertently all the time.

Security experts are trained to assess security threats as they happen, something that your security system cannot do. They can evaluate a situation and determine if it is a true security threat or simply a mistake or misunderstanding. Security guards are trained at identifying suspicious behavior that could indicate that a crime is taking place. In this way, they are able to immediately address the situation and take the necessary steps to protect people and property.

What happens when a violent attack takes place on your property? Or an altercation breaks out between an employee and a customer? Your top-of-the-line security and camera systems can't do much in that moment to stop the situation and keep people from getting hurt. When you hire security guards to protect your business, you are getting professionals who are committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment. They know how to de-escalate tense situations and how to appropriately respond to a bad actor who uses violence on your property.

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If you are evaluating the security needs of your business or property, you may think that spending tens of thousands of dollars on the latest security technology will solve your problems. Think again. 

Live security guards are your best chance at keeping people and property safe. Contact the security professionals at Off Duty Officers today to learn more about our security services and why we are one of the most highly recommended companies in the industry.

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