What To Look for In a Security Guard

If you are a business owner who is looking to hire security guards for the first time, you likely have many questions. How much security do I need? What are my greatest security threats? Will I be able to afford professional security guards?

One of the most common questions business owners ask is, “Which qualities should I look for in a security guard?”

This is a critical question because making the wrong choice can mean the difference between an average day in the office and a tragedy. Professional and highly experienced companies like Off Duty Officers have been hiring and training security guards for over 25 years. Our experience tells us that there are some qualities that are shared by the most successful security guards in the business.

The role of a security guard is important and so choosing the right guards for your business should not be taken lightly. No matter if you operate a small business or a large commercial enterprise, choosing security guards that have the skills, experience and reliability that you need is vital to the safety of your operation.

4 Traits of a Quality Security Guard


Security guards are given a great deal of responsibility. Not only are they the first line of defense against a potential security threat, they are expected to act quickly and intelligently in the face of a difficult or dangerous situation. Very often, security guards are provided with confidential information including passcodes, keys and the ability to admit people on the premises. It is vital that your security guards are honest and can be trusted to handle valuable merchandise and intellectual property. Background checks and values interviews can be important tools to help ensure that your guards will act with honesty and integrity while working for you.


Security guards are required to communicate with a variety of people during their shifts. From business owners and customers to staff members and law enforcement, the ability to communicate clearly and courteously is highly valuable. Security guards should be able to demonstrate the ability to communicate to ensure that they can confidently share information and provide accurate reporting. Miscommunication or failure to record incident reports can be a liability for your business and leave you vulnerable.

Customer Service Mindset

Security guards are much more than the muscle that deters would-be criminals. The most effective and successful security guards always have the mindset of serving their customer with courtesy, respect and care. Security guards will interact with customers, employees and business owners. They are required to track a great deal of information and are responsible for a wide variety of tasks. While the job is demanding, a quality security guard will continue to put the needs of your business first by ensuring that they provide great service at all times.


Even the best security guard will do no good if they do not show up for duty. Punctuality and reliability is a key trait that all good security guards must share. Calling in sick last minute or arriving 20 minutes late could put the lives of your employees, customers or event attendees in serious harm. Security guards should take great pride in their work and always be ready to report for duty. They should take their great responsibility seriously by arriving on time and ready to serve. 

Nationwide Security Guard Services

As one of the leading providers of security guards across the nation, Off Duty Officers understands what it takes to be a successful and effective security guard. The ability to communicate clearly, provide impeccable customer service and operate with honor, integrity and reliability are the pillars of success.

If you are in the market for security guards for your business, consider these security traits when making hiring decisions. Off Duty Officers can help you meet your security needs by providing highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable off duty and retired military and law enforcement personnel. We proudly serve businesses with quality security guard solutions for industries including construction sites, hospitals, retail, cannabis, executive protection, trade shows and events and residential properties.

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