What Creates Loyalty in the Security Industry?

When it comes to reliable working relationships, it goes two ways. Clients must feel like the company has their back, and employees must feel valued. Once clients believe they are nothing more than a number to a company, they often wait for an opportunity or excuse to find another provider. Companies who prioritize their client’s service and work tirelessly to find solutions to any concerns without hassle are the ones who have short-term clients that end up being long-term, loyal customers. Those looking to hire security personnel may find that bigger is not better.

Off Duty Officers prides itself on over 30 years of loyal service and longstanding relationships with clients, staff, and their security team.

Dependability of Our Professional Security Guards

The dependability of our security personnel has to do with trust. It begins with our staff knowing that they will be paid on time and accurately. Having a trained operations manager helping them throughout the length of their assigned security post has a significant impact on personnel retention. Having a security operations coordinator allows security guards to have a healthy working relationship with someone designated as a liaison between them and the customers.

Although getting paid may seem obvious, in some security provider companies, guards have to wait if a client pays late. In the security industry, without a commitment to paying employees regularly, security guards often get frustrated if they don’t get paid when expected. Late pay days create discontent and may lead to employees leaving.

At Off Duty Officers, we swiftly handle payroll and scheduling concerns and have not missed a payroll in their 30 years of business – no other security guard provider can make this claim!

Customers Stay Loyal to Security Guard Companies Who Meet Their Requests

Our customers extend security guard assignments or frequently return for other needs, which is a solid indication of a loyal working relationship between Off Duty Officers and our clientele. We know that clients can quickly seek out another security guard company whenever a security need arises; however, the excellent care our customers receive and the relationships that have been built with our Customer Service Manager and our Operations Team make them stay. Beyond affordable security solutions and excellent services, dedication goes deeper than the bottom line.

The average Security Services contract for long-term security is about two years. When security guard clients extend to five or ten years beyond that point is pure satisfaction and dedication. Off Duty Officers values the personal experience of talking to our clients, and we are happy to offer customized security solutions. Our security guard teams goes beyond a cookie-cutter contract, provides better service, and has top-notch security guards on our roster.

Off Duty Officers has longstanding customer retention that goes beyond 30 years with many clients!

Choosing The Best Security Guard Service Provider for Your Needs

When a decision is made to invest in providing security guard coverage, finding a security company can be overwhelming. Security Customer Managers should be genuinely invested in creating the most suitable security solution for your unique needs. Off Duty Officers goes the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with our services. You'll be confident that our security guards are licensed, bonded, qualified, experienced, professional, and ready to go upon arrival.

Throughout a security assignment, you'll be able to reach out to our operations team with any concerns or issues, and they will be resolved quickly and without hassle. Our exceptional customer service will include open and transparent communication about different security solutions from which to choose.

When you hire private security guards, you should feel good about that investment!

At Off Duty Officers, customers are more than just customers, and security guards are valued employees. The focus is to provide exceptional security and service for clients nationwide.

Custom Security Solutions

When it comes to different security solutions, there are numerous combinations to help clients get the security they want while staying within the budget.

Armed and Unarmed Guards

Although some high-risk industries or business locations may constitute armed guards, security guards are effective with or without firearms. Our guards expert training and background from the military and law enforcement guarantee the highest level of skill and experience. Our security personnel are trained in de-escalation, early detection of threats, identity of vulnerabilities, and risk assessment. Armed and unarmed guards are effective when it comes to providing the best security personnel.

We Offer Uniformed or Plain Clothes Guards

Off Duty Officers provide you with a choice.  You decide whether or not your security need is best met by a security guard in uniform or street attire. Many private events or bodyguards are  requested to work their assignment in street attire, being less conspicuous. When it comes to banks, hospitals, and company security, uniform is the most common request.

Short- and Long-Term Assignments

No job is too small or too large. From one-day events to 24/7 site coverage, we are able to handle all your security needs. Often our customers who hire security guards for a short-term assignment may want to extend the job, especially when they get excellent service and value! We are happy to accommodate those requests and last minute jobs. Other companies turn small assignments away, cannot meet extension requests or you might not hear back from them in time for your needs. At Off Duty Officers, we'll be with you every step of the way.

No matter what your security needs are, call Off Duty Officers today for a free quote! Able to dispatch swiftly with the most qualified security guards in the field, Off Duty Officers is focused on client satisfaction.

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