Top Three Reasons for School Security Guards

School started this week in many parts of the nation, and all schools will be back in session over the next few weeks. School districts and boards spent a summer figuring out how to provide the safest learning environment for all students. That ends up looking like having security guards in three main scenarios where students and faculty are involved.

School Trip Security Ensures Safety and Enhances Learning

The students are celebrating, and the teachers enjoy the freedom to break up classroom learning with some hands-on experiences. During COVID-19, field trips and student travel were grounded. Schools are again enjoying planning travel and field trips for students. Choosing to educate students away from the campus may require security guards so that expanded learning can take place seamlessly. School districts are budgeting money for security guards to ensure the highest level of safety for students, faculty, and chaperones.

Anyone responsible for planning field trips for students, whether elementary, middle school, or high school, hands down agree that increased security is necessary. Safety protocols, supervision, and security create the best safety for traveling students. Families can rest knowing everything possible was done to provide a safe experience. Adding protection to student field trips also protects schools against lawsuits and liability when extra measures have been taken.

On-Campus Security Guards Allow Students to Thrive

Although it isn't for lack of trying, it does not matter how much we try to shelter children from the news and the devastating stories of school shootings. Students talk, and social media gets information out there faster than wildfire. Even when students do not seem to be phased by the news, most students will admit they think about being in harm’s way. Schools have become a target for violence, and districts are seeking professional and experienced security guards to protect their campuses.

Although schools are closed campuses, it is still necessary to closely monitor campus access regularly. Whether in a golf cart, or walking, security can keep watchful eyes on the school and its perimeter. The presence of respected security guards prevents students from doing things they should not be doing on campus. Adding professional security guards to a school campus provides many benefits besides making school a safer place to thrive and learn.

Security specialists are specifically trained for schools, and their actions can avoid tragedy. Serving in a security guard role is critical. The most exceptional men and women who choose this career have backgrounds in related fields like law enforcement and the military. Highly trained guards allow schools and students to function at their highest, without worrying about feeling safe.

Professional security guards can masterfully handle campus crises and lead emergency training for students, faculty, and staff. Top quality security guards immediately establish respect and authority.

Large Scale School Events Must Have Highly Trained Security Guards

It is Friday Night Lights season at high schools. Friday night football games draw large crowds of students, families, and community members. Although it might not have been a thought years ago to have security guards at a football game, today, the standard for safety and security at public events is elevated. Providing top-notch security at school events allows people to enjoy themselves, especially rowdy crowds during rival games. It is wise to call for a free quote from a reputable and exceptional security firm near you so you are guaranteed the coverage your school will need throughout the year. Find an established and reputable security company you trust that can offer suggestions for the best coverage and has highly trained guards ready to go. Adding security coverage will prove critical to successful school events this year.

Other significant events warrant additional security, such as dances, pep rallies, and promotions. Anytime there are many people in one place, having security should be a strong consideration. Unfortunately, some people see the schools as vulnerable, and it is not worth letting the guard down and taking shortcuts regarding safety at any school event.

Although primarily students have been mentioned here, faculty and staff are some of the hardest and most dedicated people in their careers. How much burden falls on the men and women in these roles? Too Much. How deserving are they of being protected and relieved of the constant pressure to perform in an emergency? Very deserving. Of course, schools do what they can to provide the training to help prepare the faculty and staff. Still, only a professional trained in campus and off-campus protocols will act immediately, appropriately, and ultimately be the most effective in addressing issues. Since high-quality security guard providers offer armed and unarmed guards for various lengths of time, schools can find coverage that fits the budget and needs. Students, faculty, and staff deserve the extra protection quality security guards provide. Families have peace of mind knowing the school their children attend is safe and being watched over. In today’s climate, instead of it being a choice, it should be the new standard because students deserve to be safe.

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