Top 3 Reasons to Have Hospital Security Guards

Research indicates that security threats are on the rise in hospitals in recent years. A survey conducted by the American Society of Health Care Engineering (ASHE) and the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) showed that hospitals have seen an uptick in violence and trespassing. Since the pandemic, hospitals have faced enormous security concerns related to access management. 

Surveys like this, as well as anecdotal evidence from healthcare professionals, tell us that the need for hospital security will only be increasing in the future. If you operate a hospital, you likely deal with a security issue every day. How do you mitigate these threats so your staff, patients and their families feel safe and secure? 

Undergoing a risk assessment can help you gain insight into your greatest threats. From there, you can work with a professional security team to make sure you have the right amount of security for your unique needs. 

Are you wondering how security guards can play a role in the security plan for your hospital? Learn more about how hospital security guards protect people and property at healthcare facilities across the country. 

Preventing and Responding to Violence 

It is an unfortunate reality that violent incidents frequently occur in hospitals. These events often occur in emergency rooms where stress levels are high. Patients and visitors enter the ER at high levels of distress, under the influence of narcotics or in the midst of a mental health emergency. The rate of violent incidents can also increase for hospitals in urban areas compared to those in rural communities.

Uniformed security guards can act as an authoritative presence and can deter violent events from occurring. Trained guards know how to identify potentially dangerous behavior that could heighten. They will take measures to deescalate the situation to prevent anyone from getting hurt and to maintain order in the facility.

Monitoring Access 

Trespassing is another frequent concern in hospitals. Managing visitors can be challenging, especially for a busy healthcare facility. Access management is critical in these environments, where unauthorized visitors who wish to do harm can gain access to valuable equipment, patient belongings, personal information or other valuable assets.

Guards trained to work in a hospital setting can be placed at your access points and monitor those entering and exiting the building. They can also be stationed in restricted areas of the hospital to ensure that only authorized individuals such as doctors or other staff can gain access.

Keeping Patients Safe

Patients are in a vulnerable position when in a hospital. They must rely on hospital staff to keep them safe. While authorized visitors can do a lot for a patient’s morale, unauthorized visitors may have ulterior motives.

It is critical that patients feel safe in a hospital, especially when they are asleep or otherwise incapacitated. Security guards can perform patrols to identify suspicious behavior or individuals who do not have access to that floor of the hospital. They can check credentials to ensure that guests have logged in according to your access management systems. If they identify someone who has trespassed, they can escort them out of the building and report the incident to ensure that they do not regain access in the future. 

Hospital Security Services – Off Duty Officers  

With events of recent years, hospital security is more important than ever before. Hospital administrators have a large responsibility on their backs when it comes to keeping patients and staff safe.

Hospital security guards from a professional and respected security guard company like Off Duty Officers can help you offer a robust security program for your facility. For over 25 years, Off Duty Officers has been the leading provider of off duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel and standard guards for health care facilities across the country.

If you are looking for impeccably trained guards with unmatched experience, contact the security specialists at Off Duty Officers today. Our team is standing by to provide a consultation and quote for services. Keep your hospital or healthcare facility secure by working with the security guard experts at Off Duty Officers for your hospital security guard needs.

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