Three Reasons Employees Deserve Quality Security When Returning to the Workplace

Although the media blew up the story surrounding SpaceX’s demand for employees to return to work, many other large companies now require employees to return to the workplace after almost three years of remote access. Some say Americans have been spoiled working remotely, having freedoms that do not come with being in the office every day. For one reason or another, companies have decided that having employees in the office and on-site will provide an advantage in productivity and workplace collaboration.

As should be expected, only some people (actually very few) are excited about the prospect of commuting, eating microwaved lunches, and being in the office regularly once again. There will undeniably be higher tensions during this t transition for companies and employees. There are three significant reasons companies should consider hiring private security guards as employees return to the workplace to ensure workplace safety and continual workflow.

Shared Space May Create Workplace Conflict

It does not take much to create workplace conflict when you fill a space that has been primarily empty with several more people. Some staff staggered their shifts to be in the office, but still, most non-essential workers remained at home 3-4 days a week. In the last three years, companies have moved, remodeled, or demolished buildings. In many cases, the physical changes to space are going to create a sense of being crowded. Although they say sharing is caring, not everyone will share their desk, space, and supplies willingly.

Companies should approach this transition with care, and hiring private security personnel is an excellent way to support this transition and ensure that order is maintained in the workplace. Even angry or disgruntled employees are more likely to behave while at work instead of causing disruption and making the workplace a more challenging place to be for all the other workers.

Disgruntled Employees May Create a Hostile Work Environment

Employees who are being forced to return to work are going to be disgruntled. Some companies offered employees to return last year, but many fought to remain remote for whatever reasons. However, as returning to the workplace is now a requirement and condition of employment for some businesses, one can be certain that some people will be returning begrudgingly.

If you think about it, people who have worked remotely for two or three years will have challenges working side by side with others again anyway. Add to that they don't want to be there and are mad when they show up, and you have a recipe for a hostile work environment.

The risk is that disgruntled employees returning to the workplace will create a hostile environment without open threats. Often, it is comments, tones, and physical demeanor that can create a work environment where others are uncomfortable and do not feel safe. The associated risk with a hostile work environment is that productivity is down, and employees can’t do their jobs well.

Authoritative and respected security guards establish order and a safe environment for all returning workers. Companies that invest in this type of security for employees in the workplace will provide a stable and secure place for employees to return. Disruptions and unacceptable behavior can be addressed immediately by a highly trained workplace environment security guard.

Security Guards Are an Extension of Transitioning Staff Numbers

Contrary to what many think about private security, highly trained men and women have experience and training from law enforcement and military backgrounds. Exceptional security guards from established and reputable providers fill multiple roles, including a welcoming face for employees, emergency services, high-level protection, and other expert skills. In emergencies, security guards take the lead and do not hesitate. Whatever the emergency, employers can rest knowing their staff is safe in case of emergency. In medical emergencies, skilled security guards act and provide medical attention until emergency agencies arrive. In evacuations, trained security guards know exit routes and how to expertly command people to exit the building. In a hostile workplace occurrence, experienced security personnel address concerns and are able to detain anyone threatening harm to another or the property until law enforcement arrives.

Finding Security Solutions to Fit the Budget

Security personnel is affordable for any size company. Large corporations may want multiple security guards, whereas smaller companies asking people to return to work may only need one for a short-term assignment. Every security need is unique, and Off Duty Officers, Inc. has the most comprehensive quote process in the nation. Speaking with an experienced security coordinator, customers get what they need at a price they can afford. Working with a professional placement coordinator gives clients options of armed, unarmed, short and long-term guards, in uniform or street clothes. Many factors affect the cost and can be modified to match the budget. Take advantage of providing a safe workplace for people to return to and ensure your staff has a smooth transition back to the office.

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