The Role of Warehouse Security Officers

One of the greatest unwanted costs for business owners is theft. It is an unfortunate reality that thieves, which can even include your own employees, target businesses with valuable merchandise that they can resell for a profit. Warehouses can be big targets for this kind of criminal activity, which is why warehouse operators should hire professional security guards to protect the premises and the valuable assets inside. 

Warehouse security serve several vital roles in the protection of property. They do much more than act as a visual deterrence to criminals. In fact, properties protected by security guards are far less likely to become the victim of crimes such as theft, unauthorized access, vandalism and workplace violence incidents. Some of the primary duties of a warehouse security guard can include: 

  • Control access to the property
  • Enforce property rules and regulations
  • Handle security violations
  • Monitor for potential security issues 
  • Investigate and report security incidents 

Let’s further explore some of these roles so you can gain a better understanding of the importance of staffing your warehouse with trained, reliable and professional security officers. 

How Security Guards Can Protect Your Warehouse 

Control access to the property.

Warehouses and large commercial properties must run like well-oiled machines. For safety and security reasons, individuals who are not authorized should never be on the property. Security officers can be stationed at all entrances and exits to check credentials, log employees and guests and answer questions. 

They can also perform scheduled and random mobile patrols throughout the interior and exterior of the property. Mobile patrols are effective for locating potential security threats such as broken gates, unlocked doors and other hazardous situations that could put people at risk.

Enforce property rules and regulations.

When you and your employees are busy with the day-to-day operations of the warehouse, it can be challenging to find the time to monitor for security violations. Security guards can be trained to understand your property’s security protocols so they can be your eyes and ears both during and after business hours. 

Warehouse security officers can be tasked with allowing or denying access to the property. They can also act as a chaperone to visitors to ensure that they access only the locations they are authorized to visit. Guards can also help enforce rules and and regulations related to parking lots and garages.

Handle security violations.

Even with a superior security team, there is always the chance that a security incident will occur. Guards from a reputable security guard company will work with business owners to understand their policies when it comes to handling in-progress security violations. In some warehouses, this may mean that guards are allowed to detain violators; in other cases, guards may be forbidden from making physical contact with a person committing a crime on the property. In either scenario, professional guards are trained in effective de-escalation techniques which can help them prevent the need to use physical force in the first place. 

Investigate and report security incidents.

As mentioned earlier, security guards can act as your eyes and ears when you are not available. Very often, guards are on duty after normal business hours so they can monitor for suspicious activity when your facility is closed. In the event of a security incident, even those that have occurred while the guard was not on duty, security guards are trained in how to investigate the incident and prepare comprehensive reports for both warehouse operators and law enforcement. Accurate and timely reports can help police solve crimes and nab those responsible for them, keeping your employees and customers safe and secure. 

Warehouse and Commercial Building Security Guards Nationwide   

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