The Critical Roles Bank Security Guards Play

Financial institutions are often the target of crime. Bank managers are responsible for protecting customers, employees, property, and every asset inside the walls. It is a significant challenge for any financial institution to monitor security while helping employees meet growing customer needs. The need for experienced bank security guards is increasing nationwide for banks and other financial institutions.

Bank Employees Should Not Be Burdened with Security Concerns

Looking for high-quality guards and locking in reliable and dedicated security personnel can alleviate many of the stressors that bank managers and their staff would otherwise be burdened with carrying alone. The heightened risk to financial institutions must be addressed with protection and training in handling common threats against banks. Employees at financial institutions have a job that requires them to keep watchful eyes on those entering and exiting the building. However, in busy times or with reduced staff numbers, banks, and other financial institutions can be increasingly vulnerable to criminal activity. How can employees be expected to handle multiple customers, engage new clients, and take action in an emergency? It is too much for any employer to ask of their staff.

Professional Security Guards Undergo Specialized Training

In addition to the backgrounds and experience through military and law enforcement careers, professional bank security guards are specifically trained to protect financial institutions. Training in this field is additional to basic security training, and security guard providers should be able to provide the qualifications for those men and women they are planning to dispatch. Setting clear expectations about the security role at the bank or financial institution is critical to a successful placement.

Armed or Unarmed Security Personnel

When it comes to financial institutions, it is likely assets are on site that requires protection. For their unique situation, bank clients must decide whether they want armed or unarmed guards (or a combination). Any security guard carrying a firearm must undergo specialized training regardless of background and experience. Security guards carrying arms should have certifications to carry a gun on the job. This decision dramatically affects cost, but security coverage mustn't be compromised in exchange for a lower price. If an armed guard is the best security solution for your company, find a company that can fit the budget without taking shortcuts on safety. In the end, it is always wise to get the security guard coverage that is needed. Work with a reputable security provider to ensure the specific needs are met.

Training in Bank and Financial Institution Protection

One of the reasons that professional bank security protectors are effective against bank crimes is the required successful completion of training and education in that field. The security needs of banks are different than any other type of business. Bank security guards must be attentive, confident to respond without hesitation, and thorough in their overwatch.

Beyond education, some security providers require higher education and training or offer it as professional development so that guards placed in these critical positions can perform at the highest level. In most cases, security guards will only be assigned to banks that have established credibility and perform consistently on other assignments. Due to the sensitive nature of bank protection, financial institution security guards must prove their ability to be effective as top performers in other roles. The "waiting period," for lack of a better phrase, is designed to help security guards learn the ropes, get experience, and gain the confidence to serve in a bank or financial institution.

Size Does Not Matter – All Banks Should Have Security in Place

It is a mistake to think that a small bank is not in danger of criminal activity. It does not matter what size bank you are managing; small banks and large chains are all under threat. Even retail stores with high-end merchandise, especially jewelry, have private security to deter crime. How much more should a bank responsible for the safety of other’s valuables be prepared for potential threats of criminal activity?

Loitering and Vandalism are Avoided with Security Patrols

Security guard patrols have proven time and time again to be excellent deterrents for crime as well as vandalism and loitering. As customers and employees are working with money and other assets, keeping the premises clear of loiterers is vital, which can be unsettling and a dangerous distraction.

Immediate Emergency Response

In an emergency, security guards act immediately and without hesitation. If a bank is not equipped with trained security, in the case of an emergency, everyone must wait for help to arrive. Instead, lifesaving services can be performed with trained security guards until emergency services come. Time saves lives, and having someone ready to act provides peace of mind to managers, employees, and customers.

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