Temporary Security Guards to Protect Your Business This Election

Election Day in the United States is November 3. After months of campaigning, news coverage and conversation, the country will soon elect the next president. Unlike elections in the past, this one seems to be more polarizing, especially in light of the pandemic and social movements that have rocked the nation over the last year. 

Businesses in many cities across the country have expressed concerns over the growing threat of violence, looting and riots in the days and weeks post-election. Events over the summer demonstrated to many businesses, from small mom-and-pop shops to large retail establishments, that their businesses may not be safe from bad actors who want to express their frustrations. Post-election will likely prove to be no different. 

Post-Election Threats for Business Owners 

Police departments across the country are warning businesses to prepare ahead of time to secure their properties. In cities such as Denver, Colorado, groups have planned protests that will likely bring several thousand people. Although no threats have been identified, community members are deciding to take an abundance of caution. 

Over the summer, many businesses in cities such as San Diego, Denver and Chicago were the victims during protests that turned violent. Looting, vandalism and other dangerous activity put people and businesses in harm’s way. Broken doors and windows, stolen merchandise and ransacked stores cost business owners money, time and frustration. It also created a sense of fear and hopelessness among owners, customers, employees and the general public. 

To try to prevent another situation like that from happening again this month, businesses are proactively boarding up windows, closing up early or hiring security personnel to help them ward off any potential danger. They are also choosing to remove valuable merchandise and equipment from view. 

Temporary Security Guards Nationwide 

Law enforcement across the country has been advising businesses, residential communities and commercial property owners in downtown areas to take steps to protect themselves over the coming weeks. Performing a security analysis will help businesses identify their vulnerabilities and choose the most appropriate security measures for their property. 

While boarding of windows can provide some protection, temporary security guards are perhaps the most effective way to provide protection, deter crime and get live, to-the-minute updates on the state of your property and business. Security guards from a professional company such as Off Duty Officers have unique training to handle these kinds of situations, making them an ideal partner for small business owners who need temporary security personnel to help them through the next few weeks. 

In addition to making their presence known in front of your property, security guards can perform regular and random patrols of the premises to monitor for suspicious activity and identify crimes as they are occurring. Rapid response is possible when utilizing mobile guard patrols, meaning that law enforcement can respond quickly to your business to minimize the damage. 

The mere presence of a security team in front of your business if often enough to deter looters and rioters from targeting your property. Bad actors will typically target those businesses that present the least amount of resistance. Armed or unarmed guards present a challenge to those who wish to create chaos, making your property a less than ideal target. 

Security Guards to Protect Businesses from Looting and Riots 

We can’t say for sure what the national response will be over the coming weeks. Business owners across the country have already faced one of the most challenging years in recent history. Instead of hoping for the best, take a proactive stance against possible violence and destruction due to the results of the election. Contact Off Duty Officers today to hire qualified, professional and competent security guards to temporarily secure your business. 

Taking steps now to protect your security can save you heartache, money and resources in the future. Our team is standing by to help you assess your needs and provide you with the right amount of security to protect your business. 

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