Strip Mall Security Guards Are Invaluable to Property Managers

When it comes to strip malls in America, you can drive through any city and point out several of them. As older strip malls have more vacancies and newer ones are popping up, owners and property managers have figured out that live security patrol is the best way to protect these strip mall centers. Using skilled and qualified security personnel saves strip mall owners and managers time and money. The value add of security personnel at strip malls protects storefronts, vacant spaces, parking lots, employees, tenants, and customers and ensures a secure perimeter.

Does this sound like too many jobs for one security guard? When properly trained and experienced in providing security for strip malls, the professionals do their jobs masterfully and are an excellent return on investment.

Physical Security Presence Protecting America’s Strip Malls

Physical security is becoming more of a need than a want for strip mall owners and property managers. As crime is on the rise anytime the economy is struggling, open and closed storefronts need trained security personnel. As stores close and tenant spaces are vacated, these locations are targets for vandalism. Security guards must protect strip malls to protect the buildings, assets inside, and shoppers at other stores in the same shopping center.

Retail and shopping mall security guards are specifically trained to identify suspicious behavior related to these industries. In addition to keeping shoppers safe, they are prepared to monitor the perimeter and protect any empty or closed stores. Ensuring safety and security saves property managers thousands of dollars in losses and saves the hassle and increased rates that come with insurance claims.

Crimes may include vandalism, robbery, fraud, and assault. Professionally trained security guards are equipped to handle these crimes and more. Expert security personnel are also trained in emergency medical and evacuation protocols.

Strip Mall Security When a Store is Open for Business

When retail shops are open, especially in busy strip malls, there is usually a convenience, grocery, or liquor store in the center. The foot traffic alone can overwhelm tenants, but professional security guards provide peace of mind. As crime rates are up due to economic distress and rising costs of essential items, retail, and grocery stores are also experiencing increased crime and property loss. A robust security team is the only thing that can provide employees with safety and peace of mind to store owners and property managers.

Off Duty Officers have a “sixth sense” when it comes to being on alert and identifying potential threats before they happen. Early identification of vulnerable areas and criminal stalking prevents crimes from happening.

Security Monitoring After Hours or During Store Closure

If you think that a closed storefront is safe, think again. A customized security plan for a strip mall with multiple vacant tenant spaces is critical to keeping stores ready to lease and occupy without unnecessary delays.

Even if a store is closed and empty of products, vandalism can be costly for property managers. Broken glass, stolen fixtures, and other forms of destruction all cost time and money directly out of pocket to owners and property managers.

Strip Mall Vacancies

Strip malls across the country may have one or several storefronts vacant at one time. Having live security guard patrol at your strip mall protects storefronts, parking lots, delivery docks in the back of the mall, and alleyways. Securing strip malls takes experience and training, and Off Duty Officers has a roster of qualified and excellent guards, already background checked and available to dispatch immediately.

Protecting the Road Less Traveled

Strip malls are everywhere, and crime is deterred when security is on patrol. It is critical not to overlook the need to protect the road less traveled – the back alley of strip malls. Loading docks and the back of strip mall centers provide a shortcut for drivers, and with poor lighting, these areas must also be monitored. Prevention is vital when it comes to strip mall protection. Hiring private security guards ensures the highest level of safety and protection.

The Complete Strip Mall Security Package

Property managers can only avoid losing chunks of profit due to vandalism and theft by providing security personnel trained to cover the inside, outside, and perimeter of strip malls. Additionally, when working with a company like Off Duty Officers, the complete strip mall security package is customized to meet different budgets. Since many strip malls in America have grocery shops, liquor, and convenience stores, the issue of loitering is real. If vagrants are out front of stores, employees are forced to call authorities or deal with the loiterer themselves. When trained security personnel are on site, staff and customers do not need to handle this uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation because qualified security guards will act and protect.

Having on-site security means that issues are dealt with immediately, and there is no waiting, making customers want to go to a different store.

Property managers should proactively protect tenants, shoppers, and unoccupied spaces in retail and strip malls. Keeping visitors out of harm’s way and creating the least desirable place for criminals is what security patrol provides.

If you manage a strip mall or own a property with multiple retail tenants, it is time to take security and safety seriously. Working with a professional security personnel coordinator makes designing a custom security plan affordable. Call Off Duty Officers today for a free quote and start providing the protection your strip mall property deserves!

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