Security Tips for Property Managers

Securing a residential property is an incredibly important role. The residents rely on property managers to keep a building or community running smoothly and safely. Ensuring the safety of tenants can be as simple as performing routine maintenance on security systems, to hiring additional security guards when a breach is experienced on site. 

Seasoned and novice property managers alike should consider several best practice measures to save themselves frustration and avoid potentially dangerous situations from arising in their communities. Here, we have highlighted a few tips to help you keep your property safe. When you are ready to provide the best protection for your residents, bring on an experienced partner like Off Duty Officers to provide top-of-the-line security personnel. 

Hire a private security guard company. 

Regardless of the type of residence, burglary is a risk for all renters and homeowners. In fact, in 2019 alone there were nearly 7 million property crime offenses in the United States. Security systems can help to catch a criminal should an incident occur, but nothing can beat the immediate response and quick-thinking of a security guard. 

Start by identifying key areas around the entrance and exit points of the property — both on foot and by car — where there are the greatest security vulnerabilities. Do not neglect to consider your parking lots and garages. Place signage around the property notifying onlookers that their activity is actively being monitored. This will communicate to anyone casing the area that there is a definite risk of targeting the community and that they will be caught. While the cost of a private security team may seem too significant for your budget, there are many options available to meet your needs. From temporary guards to unarmed patrols, a professional security company like Off Duty Officers can help you get the security you need at rates you can afford.  

Install an access control system at entry.

Another excellent deterrent lies with the use of a guard gate or access control system. Hiring an extra security guard to serve as a guard gate attendant will put a human face to the surveillance, and if a criminal knows they’ve been instantly identified by another person, it’s a strong deterrent for returning to a community to cause trouble. A guard gate attendant can also check identification for every individual entering the community, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to record the names and addresses of all individuals entering and exiting the area should a problem arise. 

A property can also invest in a remote access control system. Using a call box with a gate, visitors can call residents, who then are able to approve access and allow them through the gate. These systems can also incorporate video systems to capture the license plates and faces of those entering.

Install deadbolts on doors.

Deadbolts are stronger and more secure than a regular lock, and can help to prevent breaking-and-entering. Installing deadbolts on all doors, including back doors, can add an extra layer of security to each unit of a community or building. These locks should be regularly inspected, maintained and replaced if necessary. A loose or defective lock is an open invitation for a criminal looking for a payday.

Screen new residents.

Many communities or buildings require an application to move in, which gives the board and property management team an opportunity to screen new residents. Some of these applications require an interview, which allows the board to get a sense for personality and demeanor. This is also an opportunity to conduct a thorough background check. While management teams should always be reasonable as to what should be raised as a red flag, conducting background checks will help to identify potential issues and also reassure current and potential residents that they are moving into a safe community. 

Keep an open line of communication with residents.

Always ensure that your residents know how to contact the property management and security team. Keep an open line of communication with all residents by sharing reminders and safety tips often, including reminding them to lock their doors and report any suspicious activity to the management team. You can also share safety materials via email with the community or post reminders on a community bulletin. Establish a clear system for reporting safety issues, security concerns or suspicious activity, such as a dedicated phone or email hotline that is constantly monitored by a member of your security staff. Having these protocols in place will reassure residents and give them the peace of mind they need to live comfortably in your community. 

Managing a property is no small feat. In addition to maintenance and building upgrades, security is one of the most important responsibilities of a property manager. It’s always valuable to bring in an experienced partner to develop a strong security strategy. Contact Off Duty Officers today to learn more about our security guards and our wide-range of security services. Our team is standing by to help you better understand the security options available to you. 

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