Security Guards: The First Line of Defense

Building security guards are essential to protect banks, hospitals, schools, businesses, and other important facilities. The highest-level security guards protect not only the property but also the people. The first line of defense against various criminal activities is private security detail dedicated to providing clients high-level safety.

Whether moving money from a building to an armored vehicle or monitoring access and behavior, highly trained security guards provide the protection businesses need. When security guards are on site, the perimeter of the building is secure, as is the lobby and movement of assets and people. Traveling security guards will accompany assets from one location to the next, which is the only way to prevent theft.

Security guards expertly identify the suspicious activity of criminals planning to take advantage of a facility. In most circumstances, security guards thwart plans and can safely detain criminals until law enforcement arrives. Without security guards, criminals are likelier to carry out their plans and get away long enough that they are often not caught. The assets are lost permanently when the criminals get away and are not arrested and charged. The best security guards have strong backgrounds in law enforcement. They are expertly trained to handle many different scenarios when a threat is posed to people or property.

Who Is Hiring?

Businesses Hire Security Guards

Big businesses commonly hire private security to monitor access closely and deter crime. Even when an expensive and sophisticated security system is in place, the surveillance equipment is only helpful after the crime. A live security detail prevents many crimes from happening because the risk is too significant to act when security guards are present. Security guards monitor access through entries for designated floors and limited areas. Employees cannot effectively track every person who enters and exits a building, but a security guard is experienced in doing so. An experienced security guard understands monitoring traffic and serves as the first line of defense against unwanted access.

People Hire Individual Bodyguards and Private Security

People who are recognized in public often have private security with them when they are out. People in any high position may include those of social media popularity, a political office, C-level executives of organizations, and those famous for being on the screen or stage. Our nation has seen an increase in aggressive behavior at public events, with some celebrities canceling shows. Having private security guards on site, whether to travel with an individual, family, or entourage, offers next-level peace of mind. Exceptional security guards are the first line of defense against unwanted attention and harassment those in the spotlight often deal with on their own.

Safest Cities in the Nation

Some people may claim that their city is safe enough and that security is unnecessary. A national poll based on crime was published in 2022 of The Safest Cities in the U.S. However, whether at a place of business, a special event expecting a large crowd, or another affair with high attendance and assets onsite, having security guards designated to watch the crowd and monitor access is a necessity, no matter where you live. As expected, businesses in higher crime and metropolitan areas always have private security guards for daily activity as well as special events.

Esteemed clients seek professional and excellent security services, which is why Off Duty Officers is the first provider they call when wanting to achieve the highest level of safety for their businesses, people, and assets. Trained security guards put themselves in harm’s way to protect others. Invested security personnel never stop training, ensuring they are up to date on threats and crime trends. Exceptional security services are one step ahead of criminals. In medical emergencies, the training of security guards allows them to confidently lead in administering CPR and other lifesaving efforts until emergency services arrive. High-level security guards are focused, professional, and save lives.

Emergency Protocol Upon Arrival

Established security guard companies recognize that when a security guard shows up on the job, they must be ready to do a risk assessment immediately and work with the client to address any glaring safety concerns. These concerns may be out of date or faulty safety equipment, access points that do not close properly, unsafe use of objects to prop access doors open, etc. Although security guards are not safety managers, they have enough safety training to bring things up to the client that can be addressed if necessary. If a safety risk is not quickly fixable, security guards are alert to the vulnerability, preventing many potential crimes.

Contact a provider specializing in your city and get a free quote on armed and unarmed security services. It is more likely that the cost will surprise you as well as the staff's high qualifications and the coordinator's professionalism.

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