Security Guards for Florida Workers Returning to the Office

As some of Florida's most prominent companies look at bringing back employees to the workplace, there are a few options. The three main ways to bridge this transition are working remotely only, a hybrid of in the office and remote work schedules and coming back in the office full time. Most polls have shown that people who have been working remotely prefer it and do not want to return to the office, but those numbers have flip-flopped between the initial outbreak and the latest variant. Incredibly, our nation and much of the world’s commerce continued and found new ways to function throughout the limitations. So, the question is, since we were able to make remote access so successful, is that what is genuinely best for businesses?

Many large businesses are contemplating this as even more freedoms allow getting back to normal. Another thing at the top of the list is managing a sudden increase of people on-site. Many organizations have determined that having security guards on-site, whether for parking lots, in building lobbies, or storefronts, automatically extends staffing abilities and puts some professionals in place in case of emergencies.

Providing A Safe Workplace for Returning Employees

It is essential to make people feel welcome back in the workplace when they return and provide an extra authoritative presence to ensure things run smoothly. Security guard placement firms with a nationwide presence have highly trained security guards ready for short-term and temporary assignments or longer-term placement. Each company has its budget, and sometimes a shorter-term security guard makes sense.

Thinking about on-site security guards as offices and businesses welcome back employees is brilliant for several reasons. One is parking monitoring. This may sound menial, but parking garage attendants are more effective with some security guard training due to handling money, tracking who comes and goes, and managing any mishaps in the garage, like car dings or crunches.

Work-Life Balance

One of the benefits those working remotely claim is finding it easier to have a life and work balance. The balance between life and work is something many Americans find difficult to achieve. Due to the forced virtual workplace of COVID-19, the extended time working remotely has allowed people to have a more balanced life. The Pew Research Center continues to provide interesting statistics surrounding employees in the workplace. At the beginning of the pandemic, more than 50 percent of employees worked remotely due to the office or location being closed. Most recent information shows that over 60 percent are working at home by choice when the office is available.

Some other amusing research shows that many people say they miss co-worker relationships but also say working at home has not limited them moving up in the company. More than 78 percent of those working remotely say they want to continue doing so, even if the workplace reopens.

What is causing employers concern about this is that some people may quit their jobs if forced to come back to the office. It has been incredibly convenient for families and those with long commutes, only to name two! Factor this into an already mysterious labor shortage on the rise. More vacancies may require employers to rethink their mandatory return to work policies. Transitionally, companies may seek to hire security guards to help bridge this transition, providing the perk of feeling safe in the workplace.

Although the numbers provided from The Pew Institute are broken down more specifically than presented here, it is safe to say the numbers vary depending on age, gender, education, and income. There is a percentage of remote workers who fear contracting some form of the COVID-19 virus, whether it is Delta or Omnicron. However, most people who want to return to work say the companies they work for have taken commendable measures to ensure that safety protocols are followed. Organizations that have taken to ensure the customers' and employees' safety should consider safeguarding those measures with a security guard presence. Finding a reputable placement firm like Off Duty Officers allows flexibility and several options that can work for any budget.

So, even though COVID-19 did redefine what working in America looks like, companies may not have to make such a giant leap from 100% remote to 100% in office as the only alternative. It may be like a game of tug of war for a while as employers navigate needing staff and being flexible to retain their best employees, even if it is in their living room. Although we do not know what they will include in the history books, one thing is sure. Americans, undeniably, quickly adapted to making things work amid crises. I am confident this is yet another one from which the United States of America will emerge victoriously.

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