How Security Guards Can Increase
Your Resident Retention Rates

A recent report indicates that renters across the country have been renewing their leases more than in past years despite increases in rental rates. The report says that the national average for resident retention was about 52.5% in 2018, up from 51.7% in 2017. Although this might not be a huge jump, this is good news for many property managers who want to maintain high occupancy rates throughout the year. 

Despite the increasing numbers, many property owners and managers still want to know what they can do to retain residents, especially as housing options and competition continues to grow in large metro areas. There are obvious ways to reduce resident turnover; however, the nature of apartment living often means that people come and go rather than living in one-unit long term. 

The reasons that residents choose not to renew a lease are many, including a move out of the area, a job change or the purchase of a home. Although many of these situations are unpreventable, property managers still want to create conditions that reduce resident turnover.

Some of the most effective ways to retain residents in a multi-family property or apartment community include:

  • Providing exceptional maintenance services 
  • Using technology to make processes easier 
  • Creating a strong sense of community  
  • Being responsive to resident needs 
  • Providing a safe place to live  

Providing a Safe Place to Live

Everyone wants to feel safe at home. For people living in apartment communities or multi-family housing, safety and security is a primary requirement. These communities can experience any number of security threats including theft, vandalism, break-ins, assaults and loitering. Residents will be less likely to keep their lease or renew at the end of their lease term if these crimes are common place on the premises. 

As a property manager, your responsibility is to provide a safe place for your residents to live. One of the most effective security measures management can take is to hire professional residential security guards to provide reliable and comprehensive protection against these serious security threats. On-site security guards deter criminals, keep an eye out for suspicious behavior and alert the authorities in the event of a security issue. They also provide residents and property managers with peace of mind in knowing that there is a dedicated guard protecting their property and loved ones. 

How Security Guards Keep Your Residents Safe 

Access Control 

Uncontrolled access gates can be an open doorway to unwanted guests and those who want to commit a crime. Security guards positioned at your entrances and exits can send a strong message to potential criminals that they are not welcome. Guards can check credentials and make sure that only residents and their guests gain access to the property. Guards like those at Off Duty Officers can maintain accurate visitor logs for use by management and law enforcement if a crime does occur.  

Identify Suspicious Behavior 

Well-trained and experienced security guards know the signs of suspicious or criminal behavior. They are experts in noticing when things are not right and they have the skills to mitigate the threat if needed. Mobile security patrols are a very effective way to detect potential threats before they occur. Knowing that there is a trained guard canvassing the property at all times helps to make residents feel safe and secure.  

Respond to Emergencies 

If a security threat or crime does occur, security guards are trained to react quickly. They are often the first on the scene and act as a reliable source of information for first responders including the police or fire department. The rapid response of security guards means that property managers can feel confident that the situation is being handled without delay. 

Off Duty Officers Residential Security Guards

If you are a property manager that is responsible for the safety of your residents, you should strongly consider hiring professional, reliable and highly trained security guards to protect what’s most important to you. At Off Duty Officers, we have been the leading provider of off duty and retired law enforcement personnel to residential communities, apartments, HOAs and other residential living properties for over 25 years. 

As the premier provider of security guards in the nation, you can rest assured that you are getting highly trained and skilled guards backed by our strong reputation for reliability and integrity. When security matters, there is only one call to make. Contact Off Duty Officers today to consult with one of our security specialists about your residential community security needs. 

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