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Colorado has become one of the largest destinations for transplants and visitors alike. The weather, the abundance of outdoor activities and the influx of new businesses that have entered the state make it highly desirable for people of all ages. According to United States census data from 2018, the population of Colorado has increased more than 13% since 2010 to about 5.6 million people. The Colorado Tourism Office announced that over 86 million domestic and international travelers visited Colorado in 2018, with more than 31 million of those spending time and money in Denver.  

With all that the state has to offer, it is no wonder that Colorado is host to a large number of big events throughout the year. Colorado has become the go-to state for people who want to enjoy the outdoors, music, sports and entertainment. It is also a popular destination for trade shows, conventions and expos across all industries.

The large numbers of people that these events attract make it even more important for event producers to address potential security threats. Any professional event producer knows that a successful event is a safe event. Securing the services of a professional security guard company is critical to ensure the safety of event-goers and to maintain the reputation of the business. A security issue at a publicized event can mean unwanted press and leave the public feeling distrust for the organization responsible.  

Popular Large Events in Colorado

For anyone hosting or attending an event in Colorado, the site of a diligent team of security personnel is a welcome one. At some of the largest events in the state, professional security guards from a reputable security company manage pre-event logistics, traffic management, access control and emergency response. They work to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch, and that the guests are happy and event producers have peace of mind. If something were to go wrong, expert security guards know exactly what to do to protect people and property.

Cities like Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Denver host large numbers of people each year. Some of the most attended events in Colorado take place in the state capital of Denver, including these popular attractions:

Great American Beer Festival

One of the most anticipated events in Denver each year, the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) offers three days of beer tasting, education, culture and competition to its more than 62,000 visitors. GABF has just completed its 38th year. The event continues to grow as beer lovers across the world consider it a “must-see” destination for enthusiasts of craft beer. The Great American Beer Festival showcases over 800 breweries and over 4,000 beers.

Large crowds combined with ample alcohol can mean serious safety concerns. Event security guards are trained to identify and mitigate unruly attendees, manage access to the venue and assist in enforcing the rules of the event to ensure a safe and secure environment for all.    

National Western Stock Show

A beloved tradition in the state, the National Western Stock Show has been a mainstay for over 113 years. What began as a six-day event that drew about 15,000 people in 1906, has grown to 16 days with more than 700,000 attendees each January. The event hosts rodeos, horse shows and the most extensive Western trade show in the state. One of the highlights of the National Western Stock Show is a 74-year long tradition. The grand champion steer is brought into the lobby of the landmark Brown Palace Hotel for several hours during high tea!

Due to the number of venues and animals at the stock show, there are unique security concerns that must be addressed. Guards must be trained to monitor access to restricted areas and possess the ability to react quickly to changing circumstances. With events taking place outdoors and at several arenas, security personnel must be well-versed on a variety of security procedures.

Professional Sports Games  

Colorado has professional sports covered. Denver is home to some of the most popular teams including:

  • Nuggets (basketball)
  • Avalanche (hockey)
  • Rockies (baseball)
  • Rapids (soccer)
  • Broncos (football)

In addition to these popular teams, the state hosts professional-level sports in rugby and lacrosse, both of which have a growing and enthusiastic fan-base. Venues such as Coors Field, the Pepsi Center and the newly minted Empower Field at Mile High attract hundreds of thousands of sports fans every year.

These arenas have strict codes of conduct for attendees. Security guards must not only understand the rules of the venue, but have a keen eye for guests that may be violating those rules. Professional security guards know how to handle overly-enthusiastic fans in such a way as to protect the fan and those around them.     

Large Event Security in Colorado  

Attending a large sporting, music or culture event can be a fun and exciting opportunity. However, with large crowds and spaces, there are specific security concerns that need to be addressed to ensure the safety of all in attendance. If you are hosting an event in Colorado, be sure to hire a professional security guard company that has experience in Colorado trade shows and events.

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