Restaurants and Bars Ramp Up Security Personnel for the Holiday Rush

As the holiday season is fast approaching, restaurants and bars are budgeting for additional security as large parties and events are inevitable. Bar and restaurant owners must think about keeping employees and patrons safe over the next few months, and hiring private security personnel from a reputable and experienced provider like Off Duty Officers is the best way to help the holiday rush at your establishment go over seamlessly.

When it comes to celebrating the holidays, many companies and private parties choose a local restaurant or bar to schedule their event. Some of these events may be 20 people, but some can be in the hundreds. Although most bars and restaurants think about ramping up staffing and supplies, it is a mistake to overlook the value added by having experienced private security on-site during large parties. In many bars and restaurants, the large group area may be separated from the rest of the eating area, or it may simply be a larger table in the restaurant. Regardless, bar and restaurant owners set the tone for everyone walking in the door that safety is a top priority by having a uniformed security officer visible upon entering. Hiring private security guards also shows due diligence in preparing and planning for larger-than-usual crowds. The investment of security personnel ensures the safety of patrons and employees, protects the property and its assets, and protects businesses from liability.

How Much Security Is Enough?

The standard of how much security is necessary at bar and restaurant establishments is not cut and dry. There are several factors to be considered when choosing a quality security solution. When working with a professional security coordinator, it is easier to identify if there is a need and how much security would be sufficient. Off Duty Officers prides itself on finding affordable security solutions for bars and restaurants over the holidays. Off Duty Officers is equipped to provide the highest level of security guards to establishments that are considering on-site security personnel for scheduled events this holiday season.

What Role Does Security Play in Bars and Restaurants?

Professional security guards serve multiple roles at bar and restaurant establishments. When most people think of security guards at bars, they think of someone at the front door, selectively granting access to patrons. However, the role of an exceptional security guard goes well beyond serving as a bouncer.

Access Monitoring – security guards can check identification and cross-check guests with an approved guest list for private parties and events.

Emergency Training – highly trained security guards, like those at Off Duty Officers, have certification, training, and experience in a variety of emergencies. When a security guard is present, they take the lead in any emergency, freeing staff to focus on their responsibilities.

Crowd Control – Holiday parties typically involve the consumption of alcohol. Although it is always hopeful that it will be merry, when alcohol is involved, it is critical to have someone appointed to handle disruptions and ensure they do not escalate.

De-Escalation Tactics – Off Duty Officers hires retired law enforcement and military, which means these men and women have experience in de-escalation and are well-versed in being discreet and keeping people safe while handing any arguments or situations that need addressing.

Local Fire and Business Code Compliance – bar and restaurant owners may or may not be completely familiar with local fire and business codes when it comes to going over capacity for a special holiday event. Highly trained security personnel know local fire and business codes and ensure compliance to keep [patrons and staff safe.

Risk Assessment – one of the most valuable things quality security officers do upon arrival is risk assessment. Knowing vulnerable areas at the establishment, attached parking areas and an understanding of common threats against these types of establishments helps bar and restaurant owners have a handle on security before the doors open.

Customer Service – when hosting holiday events and parties, it is a mistake to overlook the need to make people feel welcome when they arrive. Security guards do not have to be scary and unfriendly, and customer service is another role of security guards in bars and restaurants.

Off Duty Officers security personnel are focused on helping bars and restaurants successfully host large parties and group events this holiday season. Hiring security guards shows that safety and security are a priority for bar and restaurant owners and shows measures were taken to prepare, which alleviates liability. Security guards monitor access, provide overwatches for all activities, manage crowd control, and lead in emergencies. Clients will never be over-sold when working with Off Duty Officers, and no contract is needed. We offer short-term and temporary guards, armed or unarmed. We customize a security plan for your bar or restaurant. If you anticipate holiday bookings over the next few months or already have your calendar filling up, contact Off Duty Officers today for a hassle-free quote.

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