Protecting Construction Sites with Security Guard Coverage

Construction sites are at the top of the list when it comes to targets for crime in America. Large equipment, technology cables, and pricey finishing materials disappearing off a construction site can devastate project managers and owners. Construction sites remain vulnerable to crime without monitored access during the day and site overview after hours. One solution construction managers use more frequently now than before is hiring top-notch construction site security guards.

The recovery for construction theft is around 20 percent, which means most losses go through insurance claims. However, the delay can cost millions and push a project well beyond the contracted completion date. Between vandalism and theft, the loss from construction sites is estimated to be between 400 million and a billion dollars.

Those in positions to manage construction sites understand it is essential to offer the best protection available. Having a professional on-site designated to track access, monitor vulnerable areas, and deter criminal activity attempts has become the only sure way to prevent illegal activity. If construction companies can minimize the risk of theft and vandalism on construction sites, they ensure greater success and safety throughout the project.

Highly trained security guards with related backgrounds and training can masterfully handle construction site jobs and work in long and short-term assignments, armed or unarmed. The specifics are unique to each site based on their construction site's needs, which determines the highest coverage available to fit the budget.

Location, Location, Location

A popular real estate term for more than just buying a new home is location matters. Having an armed guard may be a better option if a construction site is in a higher crime area or in a poorly lit neighborhood. In a gated residential community with high-end remodels happening may be better to have an unarmed mobile guard that works both the entry and exit gate and monitors the remodel sites. Working closely with a professional coordinator allows construction site clients to share the specifics of their location and collaborate to find the best safety and security solution that will not blow the budget. The most qualified professionals treat small sites and large sites with the same diligence to protect timelines, assets, and the bottom line.

Construction Site Specific Security Needs

Clients in the construction business have specific needs that must be met to offer the best protection for a construction site. Expected to stay within budget, meet timelines, and complete the project on time, investing in security detail will ultimately save money and a headache. Regardless of the size or scope of a project, construction sites need to be alert to trespassers on site. Some criminals attempt to disguise themselves as someone that belongs on site. Others may be employees with knowledge of the value and materials on site coming in for some difficult to track supplies or materials. A stationed security guard gets to know the workers, can identify them, and is trained to recognize suspicious behavior early and address it before it becomes an issue.

24 Coverage Available to Provide Consistent Security Coverage

After-hours security coverage is critical when equipment and materials are on site. It is astounding how much large construction equipment is stolen from construction sites and never found. Without security guards, people sneak onto construction sites after hours and take off with expensive construction equipment, not to mention other valuable assets.

Security Guards Minimize Threats to Open Construction Sites

It is not likely that the construction business will be slowing down anytime soon. So, companies responsible for protecting assets, machinery, tools, and other valuables on construction sites from vandalism and theft are more of a demand than a client request. Undeniably, taking a proactive approach when planning to protect a construction site is the wisest thing construction managers can do to ensure the project's timely completion. Project and construction managers are only as good as their last project, so finishing within budget and on time means future business opportunities.

Once clients hire the best security guards on the market, they immediately realize the burden is lifted because someone expertly trained is leading safety and security on site. They no longer must lose sleep over the site being secure.

The top-level guards are carefully vetted to offer clients the best security coverage. Men and women from military and law enforcement backgrounds provide exceptional training and experience to every construction site. Whether armed or unarmed, the best-trained security guards offer expertise in construction site protection. Off Duty Officers has an extensive lineup of highly qualified individuals with a history of working with construction clients and have prevented thousands, if not millions, of dollars from being lost to crimes like theft and vandalism. Getting a free quote for a construction site is easy. Don't delay and call today so you can rest easy knowing you are securing your site and setting the project up for success.

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