Obtaining Short-Term Security Guards In A Pinch

Every company would like to be able to predict security needs. However, the reality is that sometimes, a short-term security need arises, and management scrambles to find the experience they need, when they need it, and where. The good news is that not all security providers are too big to help in those unique situations. Well-established security guard providers specialize in those last-minute and special security needs.

Short-term and last-minute security guard needs often include events, fire watch, construction delays, accidents, and unexpected situations for additional security to an existing team. Some of the more prominent security providers are unable to meet last-minute needs. At Off Duty Officers, we have a roster of qualified security guards who will be assigned to your short-term assignments.

Filling Temporary Security Guard Needs When Big Companies Can’t

Don’t be discouraged if you suddenly find yourself looking for a last-minute security guard. Although some more prominent companies charge too much for a short-term guard or only offer packages that may not meet your unique needs, providers like Off Duty Officers, Inc. accommodate clients across industries with varying budgets.

People are often surprised at the affordability of private security. Of course, larger providers do not have the same flexibility of security solution packages and cost, but there is a security solution out there to fit every budget. Since security guards can be dispatched armed or unarmed and for short- or longer-term assignments, the cost varies, which makes it a viable safety solution for everyone.

Short-Term Fire Watch Security

Fire watches are one of the most frequently requested last-minute security guard requests from clients. Fire Watched can be unexpected and require immediately trained and qualified personnel on site. Fire Watch must be competent and qualified to work with fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment. Since fire safety guards must follow the Fire Marshall’s Office standards, adaptability to different locations and environments is vital.

Fire Watch security guards respond swiftly to threats, command authority in evacuations, and are skilled in suppressing the spread of fire danger. These professionally trained security personnel are equipped with warning horns, fire suppression equipment, and floodlights. In case of an evacuation, trained fire watch security personnel act on orders and exit routes.

Protecting Assets In A Fire

When security guards arrive on assignment, they quickly learn the lay of the property, assess any immediate risks, and familiarize themselves with fire standards, evacuation routes, and assets that are identified as requiring extra protection in case of a fire. The roles of professional security guards are complex and require attentiveness and fire safety acumen.

Short-Term Does Not Have Mean Low Quality

Quality should not be sacrificed because a security officer is on assignment for a short window of time. Security roles have changed over the years, and regardless of the specifics of the position, security guards have to be professional and customer service oriented. A security guard is hired to arrive prepared, confident, and eager to seamlessly fit into the role for which they have been hired.

Smaller events and needs require the same level of safety and protection as big events. Even a half-day security guard for a private event, like a wedding, should put clients at ease and allow guests and vendors to feel safe. Funerals are another small event that many overlook for security coverage. In times of loss, emotions run high, and mourning can leave guests’ belongings vulnerable to theft and crime. Sadly, since most funerals take place in public spaces, there is no way to prevent unwanted visitors without security coverage oversight.

Confidentiality and Integrity

There are many times when security guards are hired when a situation is delicate and requires confidentiality. Consider a company that is having all the fire alarms replaced. During this time, there is no fire safety, leaving the property and people vulnerable, and that certainly does not meet fire safety standards. This is one of those situations when a company is likely trying desperately to find a qualified and experienced fire watch safety guard at the last minute. Once they arrive, confidentiality and integrity must be upheld to support the company's investment in fire watch safety successfully.

Whether planning for next year's inspection prep or just finding out about a security guard need next week, affordable safety solutions are available. Working with a company that is able to meet your specific need, no matter how small or at the last minute, will make the process smooth.

Always find a quote that meets but does not exceed your security need. Always request guards who meet and exceed skill and performance expectations. Hiring private security guards is a valuable investment, and providing safety and security, even for those short-term and last-minute needs, makes a difference for everyone.

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