Not All Security Guard Companies Are Created Equal

If looking for security guard detail, there is no shortage of companies that offer coverage. However, not all security providers are created equal. The best security guard providers pride themselves on the high quality of personnel they can offer their clients, which is largely due to the value they place on the men and women who choose this career and the high-standard expectations. Larger providers tend to lose sight of the relationship side of providing such a personal and essential service to clients. There are exceptions, and Off Duty Officers is one of them. Off Duty Officers has found the balance of professional services and meaningful relationships with clients and their security guards, some exceeding thirty years.

What Are Indicators of An Exceptional Security Guard Provider?

As people seek the best coverage for their budget, knowing what to look for takes some guesswork out of choosing the best security guard coverage available. One indicator is the length of time working relationships have existed, which includes both security guards working for the company and clients continuing or extending their original contract.

The average length of a long-term assignment is two years. A sign of a good working relationship is the cohesiveness of the relationships between security guard, client, and provider, which is shown by exceeding the average length of security guard assignments. Suppose a client returns to the same provider with each unique security need. In that case, that is evidence of a trusting relationship, knowing that the quality of the security guards being dispatched is consistently excellent. Never wavering from the immediate needs of an emergency, the most highly trained guards see any opportunities to provide safety and protection to those around them. Experience working with authorities and emergency agencies, security guards bring law enforcement and military backgrounds, which naturally translate when it counts.

Able to Dispatch for Tricky Security Assignments

Outside of common security guard assignments, sometimes clients call, and the type of coverage, location, or venue is something that has not before been requested. In this case, an expert security coordinator with years of experience knows how to find the best coverage for what is needed while working within the budget. Only highly qualified guards have a strong enough foundation in multiple trainings that allow them to embrace the extraordinary assignments with confidence. When calling for a free quote, the best thing to do is to be as open as possible with the coordinator – this allows an accurate cost and ensures all the needs will be met. Only confident and skilled security guards can offer this next-level service, able to handle any obscure event or occurrence, applying their masterful training and experience to provide safety and protection in any circumstance.

In emergencies, this level of training and experience can make the difference between the successful handling of a crisis and a disastrous one. Security guards should be aware of any suspicious behavior or evolving threats that need to be addressed. Often, on assignment, guards realize that there are multiple angles in which they must provide watchful eyes in order to ensure access points and any other vulnerabilities are addressed and monitored.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Every client seeking security coverage wants, and should be able to depend on, consistency. Consistency is the key to success. Security guard companies that consistently dispatch high-quality guards for every assignment should be recognized for their continued efforts to provide excellent service, safety, and protection. Not only should each security guard be consistent, but each security team should also be consistent so that clients know when they call, they are getting the best available, and someone wholly qualified to serve in that role without question.

Clients deserve consistently good service, providing peace of mind and resting in knowing someone is designated to act in an emergency and monitor and manage potential risks.

So, although there are multiple security guard providers out there, not all are equal in the way they treat their security staff, the way they value client relationships, and their ability to provide consistently excellent security coverage. Reading testimonials or calling to speak with a security coordinator can tell many things about the level of service that can be expected. The initial call should be handled professionally, with a friendly and accurate service quote. Exceptional providers will walk clients through multiple options for coverage, finding just the right amount and not overselling services. No client should not be able to have security due to budget constraints, so find a provider who values each client’s individual needs and works diligently to find something to fit any budget. Safety should be a priority and providing the best security guards to serve in each role uniquely should be reflected in the overall experience.

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