More Than 17 Texas Cities Choose Professional Security Guards to Protect Texas Residents

Texas cities are taking measures to ensure the safety of their citizens and aid in crime prevention. Whether for corporate, private, industrial, or retail, Texas residents and tourist commerce depend more on highly trained security personnel. The demand continues to grow for the best of the best security guards who bring experience and training from military and law enforcement backgrounds. Corporations relocating to Texas are using exceptional security guards to help with the transition to the new location. Private security personnel offer peace of mind to companies as they move their assets and people to a new state.

Texas’ Big Promise

Texas promises a life of acceptance, community, scenic landscapes, and bustling nightlife. There is a constant flow of families and companies choosing Texas as their new home. As Texas grows, so does the need for private security. Cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston require professional and trained guards to oversee significant events that take place throughout the year. Large metropolitan areas benefit from security personnel placement that quickly and seamlessly integrates into the culture they serve.

Texas communities in Arlington, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Fort Worth, and Waco consistently use private security personnel to protect residential neighborhoods, construction sites, schools, churches, and events expected to draw large crowds. Texas commerce continues to rise as the state experiences growing tourism interest.

Texas Focuses on Providing Safety at Educational Institutions

As the great state of Texas continues to grow, schools are working diligently to encourage in-person attendance from students entering kindergarten through college. Texas has some of the most renowned universities in the nation. As young students and their families seek Texas as a safe place to send their children, universities ramp up on-campus and event security to provide peace of mind to families and students.

Closed campuses are monitored by school personnel and often one security guard, but larger campuses are hiring multiple guards to provide even higher assurance of student and staff safety. Texas is leading the nation in these efforts, and many states are budgeting to follow suit in 2023.

Texas Events Taking Advantage of Security Benefits

It is no surprise that all Texas cities are accommodating increased tourist traffic and growing populations with an increasing number of significant events. The largest cities host sold-out concerts, tradeshows, and end-of-year events competing with New York City. Texas is committed to providing exceptional security for residents and visitors, and finding the flexibility and availability of temporary short- and long-term security guards are an excellent solution to the safety coverage they desire.

When spending time in Galveston, Lubbock, McAllen, Mission, and San Antonio, the increased level of security may be noticeable. Texas takes pride in protecting people and businesses investing back into the city. The high-quality security coverage Texas offers is one of the main reasons people and corporations flock from California, Washington, and New Mexico.

Big Technology Moves to Texas Include Excellent Security Coverage

Moving a corporation is nothing to be taken lightly. There are assets and people involved, and the journey can be bumpy once a company makes this decision. Hiring private security can take some of the ups and downs out of the equation. Big technology corporations that have moved, or are moving to Texas, utilize the incredible talents and skills of highly trained security personnel provided by professional and well-established security companies. Off Duty Officers, Inc., is the best security personnel provider for Texas technology businesses in cities throughout the state.

Without fail, the Off Duty Officers, Inc. team continues to set the industry standard for qualified and reliable professional security guards. Aligned with Texas’s promise to keep the state safe, Off Duty Officers, Inc. coordinators work closely with clients to find affordable security solutions to fit the budget. It is unnecessary to oversell security coverage, and clients calling for a free quote can be assured that they are not being upsold but instead provided multiple options to meet each client's unique needs. Options of long- and short-term assignments and immediate availability of highly trained and fully vetted guards are ready.

Every client works with a professional security personnel coordinator to explore options of armed, unarmed, uniformed, or street-clothed guards. Clients calling for a free quote can hear all possibilities and not be pigeonholed into something to may or may not require. The coverage for a large-scale event differs from the security needs at a residential security guard gate. Texas' diversity equals diverse security coverage needs, and only reputable and well-regarded security providers give clients plenty of choices regarding personal and customized security personnel solutions. If you reside in Texas or are considering opening up or moving a business to one of the state's amazing cities, plan and find out how to incorporate high-level security and safety for your property, people, and assets.

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