Is Your Car Dealership Secure?

In the last two years, authorities have seen a rise in car thefts. Valuable parts, such as catalytic converters, can offer a small but solid payday when they are exchanged at a scrap metal dealer. Auto dealerships who specialize in either new or used cars are not immune to vehicle theft and vandalism. Owners and operators of car dealerships must consider security both during and after business hours. 

It is a hard line to walk as a dealership owner or operator. On one hand, you want to ensure a safe and secure environment for your employees and customers. On the other hand, you want to make sure that your valuable merchandise is protected. For many car dealerships who store large numbers of cars in exposed lots, it can be a challenge to identify the best security options.

How can car dealership operators protect themselves? In this article, we will highlight some of the greatest security threats that car lots face and what you can do to protect your property.

Car Dealership Security Threats

In general, vehicle theft has risen exponentially since 2020. Large and small cities across the nation are seeing substantial upticks in vehicle theft numbers. Vehicles in parking lots, on streets, in driveways and in dealership lots have all been targeted and are at risk.

Both new and used cars can be targeted for the valuable parts that they contain. These parts can be swapped at scrap metal dealers who will give them cash in return for the stolen goods. The ease at which they can make this transaction makes it alluring for criminals who want to earn a quick buck. 

For car dealerships with large inventories, it may take you weeks or even months to determine that a part theft has occurred. Some parts are not visible to the eye, making it even harder to notice the theft until it is too late. 

Another costly crime perpetrated at car lots is vandalism. Vandals may break glass, key the sides of vehicles, slash tires or graffiti a brand new paint job. These few moments of destruction could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

How to Keep Your Dealership Secure

There are a variety of passive measures that you can put in place to deter criminals from targeting your property. Motion detecting lighting, security cameras and fences can be effective first steps; however, they are very limited in preventing a motivated criminal.

Unfortunately, security cameras are often inoperable. If they are working, they may capture grainy footage of the criminal. By the time the footage is reviewed, that criminal is nowhere to be seen. Fences, gates and motion detectors pose little obstacle to experienced thieves.

Uniformed guards are an effective option at both deterring and responding to dealership threats such as theft and vandalism. Guards can serve a number of purposes to protect the merchandise and to give employees and customers peace of mind as they work and shop.

Security guards can ensure that your gates and access points are in working order so as not to provide easy access to a would-be thief or vandal. Live guard patrols can perform regular and random inspections of the property to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities such as broken gates, blind spots or broken lighting. They are trained in identifying suspicious behavior or circumstances that could indicate that the property has been cased.

If there is a disturbance on the property, security guards can be there 24/7 to react and respond. They will be able to liaise with law enforcement, subdue the criminal and assist in the investigation to ensure that the individual is brought to justice.

Compared to other security measures out there and the cost of replacing valuable merchandise such as a vehicle and parts, security guards are the most cost effective way to protect your car dealership.

Off Duty Officers Security Guard Services

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Car dealerships face unique security challenges that can be best addressed by hiring live guard patrols. Vandalism of vehicles in your parking lot or destruction and removal of valuable car parts will cost you money in both replacement and insurance costs. 

Do not wait until your car dealership becomes a target. Instead, contact Off Duty Officers to learn more about our comprehensive and customized security guard solutions. Our team has experience providing auto dealerships, construction sites and commercial properties with security guard services they can rely on. 

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