Is Security Necessary for Your Hotel?

As the owner or operator of a hotel, your reputation is of the utmost importance. Customers these days search the internet for reviews from previous guests. If they see that others have experienced security issues on your property, they will likely choose to stay at one of your competitors. Therefore maintaining a reputation for providing a safe and comfortable stay is a priority.

Onsite security guards are one of the most effective means of protecting people and property. For hotel owners and operators, security should not be optional. Your biggest decision is identifying how much security you need and when.

There are certain times of the day and certain situations where your hotel may be at more of a risk. By understanding these special circumstances, you can better plan your security needs and stay within your budget. A reputable security guard company like Off Duty Officers can be your best asset when it comes to developing an effective security plan for your hotel. Consider the following when you are identifying your security needs. Then, call Off Duty Officers to speak with one of our security specialists today.

Evening and overnight security

While crime can happen at any time of the day, many bad actors choose to perpetrate their crimes under the cover of darkness. The nighttime is often when there are fewer people roaming the lobby or hallways and perhaps even less staff on site. Therefore, beefing up your security during the evening hours can provide the additional protection that your employees, property and guests need. 

Overnight security guards can provide a number of valuable services. They can be key partners in identifying suspicious behavior in parking lots or garages. They can monitor hallways and elevators and help check credentials to ensure that only registered guests enter the living spaces. Finally, security guards can help employees who work late into the evening by escorting them to their vehicles and ensuring that they feel safe while on the job.

During check-in and check-out times

Most hotels have set check-in and check-out times. While these stipulations are useful for hotel staff, especially for housekeeping, it can create crowded conditions at these peak times. Crowd management can be an issue during check-in and check-out as many guests are attempting to speak to the front desk at once. Security guards can assist your staff by helping to manage the process to ensure that guests follow your protocols and keep their cool when tensions are high. Guards can also support guests by communicating to them where they need to go to check-in, check-out or get information.

Security guards can also assist your staff in other ways such as handling baggage, directing them to pertinent locations on the grounds or providing them with additional information about the surrounding community.

Conventions and events

Hotels often host events such as conventions, trade shows, weddings or other business meetings. These kinds of events can add to the number of people walking in and out of your hotel significantly. Security guards can ensure that large crowds are managed so that everyone remains safe. Guards can manage your access points to ensure that only those who are supposed to be on the property are there. They can also be effective at mitigating dangerous situations from guests who may have had too much alcohol or are otherwise rowdy.

Hotels require serious security solutions. With the sheer number of guests in and out, the high number of employees and the presence of valuable property there is a lot that must be protected.

If you own or operate a hotel, you should consider security as one of your top priorities. At Off Duty Officers, we lead the industry in providing the most highly trained, responsible and competent security guards in the business. Our guards have experience successfully securing hotel properties of all sizes across the country.

Contact Off Duty Officers today to learn more about our hotel security guard solutions. Our security specialists are standing by to help you better understand your security needs and assist you in identifying the amount of security that fits your requirements and budget.

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