Is Fire Watch Security Important for Your Business?

Fires can be destructive anywhere, but especially when they impact a business or residential community. Extreme property loss and potential loss of human life can be devastating when a fire breaks out. To avoid this kind of disaster, it helps to understand how fires can start in the first place. Then, you should take measures to reduce the chance of a fire breaking out on your property.

Businesses across the country have worked with Off Duty Officers to obtain fire watch security services. In this article, we will explain the benefits of fire watch security and why these services are important for your business or residential community.

What is fire watch security?

Fires are caused by a variety of factors. Human carelessness or maliciousness, power outages or malfunctioning equipment can all result in a devastating fire that can destroy valuable property and put people's lives in danger.

Fire watch services are meant to reduce the chances of a fire starting on your property. Fire watch guards are professionally trained, and have unique expertise in assisting clients with fire monitoring and response. They monitor buildings, construction sites or other facilities that may be at an increased risk of fire. Fire watch security guards will perform a series of vital roles to ensure that your property is regularly patrolled and monitored.

There are many reasons why a business or residential community would choose to hire fire watch security guards. In many cases, fire watch is required by the local Fire Marshall. Other reasons why fire watch guards may be required on your property include:

  • Inoperable fire or smoke alarms
  • Power outages that impact fire, sprinkler or security systems
  • Damage or maintenance to fire, sprinkler or security systems

Fire alarm or sprinkler maintenance

When your building’s fire alarms or sprinklers are undergoing maintenance, they may not be operable to the level required to protect your property. Fire watch guards can patrol the premises to identify potential hazards or vulnerabilities that could result in a fire. New properties or construction sites may be installing a fire alarm or sprinkler and not have an active system in place. Again, fire watch guards can take the place of these systems until they are in working order.

Hot Work

At a construction site, it is common for hot work to be done, such as welding. This kind of work can release sparks that could start a fire if they come in contact with a flammable material or chemical. Fire watch guards are critical components of your security plan at construction sites where hot work is being done. They can ensure that all safety measures are being followed and that the area is clear of flammable or otherwise dangerous materials or equipment.

What are the primary roles of fire watch security guards?

The overall goal of a fire watch security guard is to prevent fire. Highly trained guards will be on the lookout for signs of fire including open flames, smoke, rising temperatures or the presence of flammable materials. Through regular and random patrols, fire watch guards will look for potential vulnerabilities that could leave your property at risk for fire such as gas leaks, unexplained water or power losses.

On their patrols, they will ensure that all emergency exits are clear and that emergency personnel will have access to the premises. They will also check to make sure that all firefighting equipment is available and in working order. If they notice a fire on the premises, they will follow protocol to contact the appropriate authorities and communicate with building owners.

Fire watch security provides owners and operators of commercial and residential properties with the peace of mind they need to run their businesses. Fires may be relatively rare, but when they happen they can be devastating. By hiring professional fire watch security guards, you can feel confident that your property is protected.

Fire watch security guards perform regular patrols every 30 to 60 minutes throughout your building, including any common areas, mechanical rooms or storage areas. Patrols will also inspect elevators, staircases and emergency exits.

A significant aspect of the fire watch patrol is their activity logs . Fire watch guards are required to complete logs on every patrol to document their observations and any incidents that have occurred. Some aspects of the activity log can include:

  • Patrol status
  • Safety incidents or observations
  • Date and time of patrol
  • Reason the fire watch was started and ended

This information will be provided to the local Fire Marshall according to your municipalities’ rules. The information can also be provided to building owners and operators.

If you require fire watch security guards, contact the security experts at Off Duty Officers today. Our team of professional security guards have been trusted by clients across the nation to provide top of the line fire watch security services. 

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