Increasing Mall Security for Heavy Summer Traffic

Mall security is often under-rated. Large malls may have one security guard covering the entire mall. Of course, this decision is up to the mall owner, but as summer is coming and the malls will undoubtedly be packed, it is good to have additional security guards during business hours. Whether it is the assumption that theft at the mall is not significant enough to warrant hiring security guards or merely ignoring the growing risk of loss for retailers, both should be re-addressed before summer kicks in.

It is a huge mistake to assume increased traffic, including many students out of school, will not require additional security. The American mall is where everyone goes, not only to shop but to kill some time during the day, get some steps in, and stay out of the heat. The shopper-packed, Cinnabon-smelling, kiosk-filled mall is a hot scene from June through August. Americans love the mall, and with a new surge of students on summer break and social media telling them everything they need, malls need additional security guards to protect customers and retailers. Unfortunately, shoplifting has become more organized, and it is impossible for retailers, especially kiosk workers, to keep a watchful eye on all the vulnerable merchandise.


Shoplifting occurs much more frequently than most people think. The temptation to quickly grab something without paying is not only something people may do out of desperation, but it is also currently a trend on social media and is a growing issue for retailers. Clothing is especially sought after by shoplifters, and as the cost of all items continues to climb, it becomes more tempting to take something if it is not affordable. The most common way to shoplift clothing is in the dressing room, wearing under regular clothes, and then walking right out the door.

Many states have reported shoplifting is at a crisis level, and organized shoplifting gangs are increasing the losses retailers are experiencing more than ever before. Security presence is an effective deterrent against these attempts.

The experienced and qualified men and women who serve in security guard roles have military service and law enforcement backgrounds. This means that security guards are effective, whether armed or not. Equipped to handle a variety of scenarios that would require intervention, the best guards offer exceptional security. Malls ramping up security staff typically prefer uniforms because that alone may be enough of a deterrent for someone contemplating shoplifting. However, speaking with an experienced coordinator helps narrow down coverage options that fit the budget.

Fights or Disruptions Immediately Addressed by Security Guards

Because security guards for the mall will be continually moving, if there is an occurrence that requires security intervention, they can get to the scene quickly, act professionally and minimize the disruption to shoppers. One of the essential things when handling situations with heightened emotions is a calm approach and diffusing the problem. Confrontations may require escorting anyone who poses a further threat or detaining them until law enforcement arrives. The safety of others is essential.

Preventative measures are always the safest way to ensure an event-free experience at the mall. It is no mystery that people's emotional response since the pandemic has become more reactive than responsive. Stress is a trigger for many people. As the economy continues to struggle and inflation rises, people are more likely to show irritation and impatience with retail staff and other customers. The patience level has dramatically reduced while stores are still challenged to find enough staff to stay open, much less provide a quick and customer-oriented experience for customers.

Security Guards Handle Emergencies

The exceptional training that private security guards undergo before joining a security guard company prepares them for many of life’s emergencies. Crisis-trained and dedicated guards act quickly in emergencies and are proactive in identifying areas that may be vulnerable as well as monitoring access points within the mall. If an evacuation were necessary, security would initiate a protocol to get everyone to safety. Knowing ahead of time where safe spaces are and how to calmy direct large crowds where they need to go is natural for excellent security guards. Additionally, security guards are certified in First Aid, CPR, and handling AED equipment if any medical emergencies occur. These qualifications allow immediate medical attention until emergency crews arrive. It is a relief to have a designated person trained to remain calm, get relevant information to the emergency agencies, and provide life-saving skills.

As the malls begin to crawl with increasing numbers of visitors, students off from school, and larger crowds of people looking for ways to stay busy, hiring a few extra security guards is essential to keeping the mall a safe place during the summer months. Malls tend to hire additional staff and security for the holidays, but with the shoplifting pandemic, it is wise to consider adding extra protection for the summer months. Reputable and established firms are nationwide, like Off Duty Officers, and offer highly trained security guards who can serve for short-term or extended time assignments.

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