Increased Holiday Shopping Traffic Calls for Retail Security Personnel

Believe it or not, there are only 64 days until Christmas, 57 days until Hanukkah, and 65 days until Kwanza. Regardless of which holidays you celebrate in December; the shopping crowds will start substantially increasing in a month when Thanksgiving begins the holiday season of 2022. The school break equals increased travel and incredible retail sales designed to draw bigger crowds than seen since COVID-19. As retailers prepare for the increased traffic, finding qualified retail security guards to provide expert coverage throughout the holidays is the best way to protect employees, customers, and merchandise.

In 2021, incident values were up significantly, as well as overall retailer losses. As the economy experiences inflation and the dollar does not go as far, theft rates will likely increase. Retailers lose billions every year to theft and fraud. Highly experienced security personnel are trained in retail loss prevention, saving retailers millions of dollars annually.

Getting Ready for the Crowds

As malls and retail shops stock the shelves and are ready to face the expected crowds starting this Thanksgiving, hiring security personnel deters theft from customers and employees and provides peace of mind. Security coverage is necessary to prevent potential losses this holiday shopping season. Running a retail store is a big responsibility, and often the manager is solely responsible for the merchandise, employees, and customers. Usually, even before the store doors open, customers wait outside, and then there is a steady traffic flow until closing. With shops at full capacity, theft and personal security are legitimate concerns.

Hiring loss prevention specialist guards is the best way to add a layer of protection to your retail business. Private security personnel protect people and assets in an elevated way that an alarm system can't match. Many retail shops and malls ramp up their security teams over the holidays to ensure that the most highly trained men and women arrive prepared, trained, and ready to watch for and identify suspicious or unwanted behaviors. There are many benefits to considering private security guards for your retail business this holiday season.

Security Guards Deter Shoplifters

The most common occurrence of crime in retail shops or malls is shoplifting. Experienced shoplifters will wait until the busiest hours when the crowd is significant, and there are many distractions to keep the managers' and workers' attention away from them trying to take something. Shoplifting costs retailers lots of money, and small business owners must be wary and make wise choices in finding affordable solutions to protect their businesses.

Only the most experienced security personnel immediately establish authority and are a deterrent to thieves. In malls and retail shops, a uniformed professional establishes authority immediately, whether the guards are armed or unarmed. In many cases, retail owners ask for security presence to monitor the entrance and exit of the store. Top-notch security guards are trained to read people in ways managers can't possibly be expected to, recognizing the nervous or typical behaviors of criminals. If a uniformed security guard tracks the store activity, the likelihood of theft is significantly reduced.

Security Guards Allow Employees to Provide Better Service

Exceptional security officers become part of the team, working alongside the manager and employees to ensure merchandise is protected. The mere presence of a security guard allows employees to focus solely on customer service without the distraction of dealing with a disgruntled client or customer. When employees do not carry the burden of worrying about everyone leaving the dressing room, business flows and a better quality of customer service are the results.

Train security guards can sidetrack and address any ill intentions and are expertly trained in de-escalation and careful handling of issues that occur during retail business hours.

Security Guards Lead in Emergencies

Security personnel are part of a retail shop or mall team and will always take the lead in an emergency. Confidence in being the first line of defense, a first responder, and a protector, professional security guards remain calm and effectively handle emergencies in high-stress situations. Exceptional security guards maintain current First Aid certifications and provide immediate medical attention until emergency services arrive.

It is undeniable that the holidays can bring stress. As our nation experiences economic turmoil and inflation spikes, these next couple of shopping months are guaranteed to bring their own stressors. Retail and mall owners must have ample security to prevent loss and protect employees and customers. Don't leave employees out in the cold or make customers uncomfortable as they navigate a busier store experience. Find affordable and quality security personnel for your retail business and provide customers, employees, managers, and store owners peace of mind.

Off Duty Officers provides nationwide coverage in all major cities if you are considering hiring private security personnel for the holidays this year. Off Duty Officers is well-respected in the field and have only exceptional guards. Reach out today to speak with a friendly coordinator to find out how to protect your retail business effectively while staying on budget this holiday season!

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