How Guards Can Keep Your Community Event Safe

As more and more communities around the country are opening up after the pandemic, there is an increased desire for people to socialize and get back to a sense of normalcy. Community events that were cancelled last year are being rescheduled and new events planned. While these community events may be relatively small, there is still the need to provide adequate security and protection for attendees.

While many people think security guards are only for large venues hosting thousands of people or for companies and organizations with big budgets, that is not the case these days. Small community events such as local concerts, 5K races, cookouts, 4th of July fireworks celebrations and parades are still at risk for security attacks and terrorism. Organizations hosting events such as these should not put security on the back burner. Instead, they should consider hiring temporary security guards to keep their community event safe and secure.

If you are an event operator or a community member volunteering to plan a local event, there are some very important reasons why you should hire event security professionals. Read on to learn about the top services professional security guards can provide for your community event. Then, contact Off Duty Officers to learn more about our temporary security guard services and how we can provide the right solutions for you.

Why should you hire security guards for your next community event? 

Block parties, parades and county fairs may seem like wholesome events that by their nature are safe and secure. But watch the news for any period of time and you will realize that these events can also be targets for a variety of threats, including terrorism and other violent attacks. Security guards act as a professional presence that gives your attendees peace of mind and deters would-be attackers from making an attempt on the safety of your guests.

Monitoring entrances and exits

Depending on the type of event and your venue, you will have a number of entrances and exits that require active monitoring. As your event gets busy, it can become very difficult to track ticket holders and those with the correct credentials. Volunteers may be well-intentioned, but they may not necessarily be equipped with the skills required to effectively manage your access points. 

Professional event security guards have the knowledge, training and experience to actively manage access to the premises, identify suspicious behavior and take immediate action. They can ensure that only those people with valid credentials or access enter the premises. And, they can ensure that prohibited items such as weapons, alcohol and recording equipment are not carried into the venue.

Parking lot patrol and monitoring

Parking lots can be sites for a variety of criminal activities. Theft, loitering and vandalism are all common crimes that can occur in parking lots while community events are going on. If your event is busy and parking is hard to come by, there's always the chance for altercations that can occur among disgruntled attendees. 

Uniformed security guards on the premises can deter criminal activity and immediately respond to any security incident that occurs. By actively monitoring your parking lots, your attendees will have peace of mind, especially when leaving the premises late in the evening.

Removing unruly guests

Depending on the nature of your event, there is always the chance that guests may consume too much alcohol or get into an altercation with other guests. Not only do these issues disrupt the enjoyment of your attendees, but they can cause a security and safety concern. Plus, fights that escalate can damage the reputation of your event. 

Security guards can be immediately dispatched to a disruption at your event and courteously yet firmly remove the individuals from the premises. Not only can this keep people safe, but it can also prevent costly lawsuits against the event organizers.

Local events are vital community building activities that enhance towns and cities across the country. Now more than ever, these events are even more important for strengthening the fabric of our communities. If you are hosting a community event in your area, contact Off Duty Officers today to learn more about our temporary community event security guard services. Our team of security specialists is standing by to better understand your needs and suggest the best level of security to keep your attendees safe.

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