Does Your Winter Event Need Security?

The winter is upon us, and it is officially the holiday season. During the months of November and December, there are many events that take place to celebrate a number of special holidays. From corporate events to outdoor parades, event producers are busy during this time of year.

Experienced event producers understand the importance of security, no matter what type of event they are planning. However, you may be surprised at how frequently security gets put on the back burner, especially when there are so many other logistics and operational tasks to accomplish. 

If you are planning a winter event over the next few months, have you considered your security protocols? If not, read on to learn why security guards are important at any well-executed winter event and how you can take steps to protect your attendees.

3 Reasons to Hire Security Guards for Your Winter Event

Crowd control and monitoring

In recent weeks, we have heard of a number of unfortunate occurrences of out-of-control crowds or vehicles at events that have resulted in serious injuries and death. One of the greatest concerns for event operators at large events like concerts, parades or sporting events is controlling a large crowd.

Holiday light parades, music festivals, craft markets and corporate employee appreciation parties can all draw hundreds or thousands of attendees. Whenever there is a large crowd, there is the potential for danger. If your event serves alcohol, it is even more important to have security procedures and protocols in place to protect others. It is an unfortunate reality that tense situations cause people to react carelessly or follow the herd, both of which could escalate and result in an unsafe situation.

Security guards are your number one defense against large crowds becoming unruly and dangerous. Professional and highly trained security guards can enforce signage and security protocols, deescalate tense situations, monitor and manage unruly behavior and ensure an overall safe and positive experience for all in attendance. If an issue does occur, security guards are a point of contact for information, including the location of emergency exits or of medical personnel.

Preventing party crashers

Corporate events during November and December are meant to celebrate the hard work of employees and stakeholders throughout the year. Companies often spend great sums of money to ensure that their employees have a great time and are recognized for their achievements. Corporate event planners do not want uninvited party crashers to cause a scene or disrupt the festive environment.

Security guards stationed at access points and performing live guard patrols throughout the event can ensure that only guests who are authorized are on the premises. They can assist in checking credentials at the door and scanning tickets if your event is a ticketed event. If a trespasser does gain access, trained security guards are experts at deescalating situations in a calm and discreet manner so as not to disrupt the other guests.

VIP and executive protection

Corporate events, festive concerts and state or national outdoor holiday celebrations often include high-profile executives and celebrities on their guest lists. Well-known athletes, musicians and political figures may make an appearance and potentially draw the attention of those with bad intentions.

If you are hosting any event that includes executives or VIPs, you should consider hiring professional security guards to provide protection. Guards can accompany VIPs while on the property and maintain a close eye on the crowd to identify any suspicious behavior. If an attendee attempts to gain access to the VIP, a trained security guard will step up to ensure that the person is handled in a way that keeps the VIP and others safe.

If you have an upcoming winter event and you have not yet thought about your security needs, it is not too late. Contact the security experts at Off Duty Officers today to learn more about hiring temporary security guards for your winter event.

Off Duty Officers can help you understand your greatest security threats and provide you with the best security solutions for your needs and your budget. Our guards are available 24/7 and can be deployed to your premises often within 24 hours. 

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