4 Roles for Live Guard Patrols

When considering the best security options for your business, it is best to consult with a reputable security guard company who can help you understand the possibilities. Live guard patrols are an effective means of monitoring a large property for a wide variety of threats. To decide if a live guard patrol is the right solution for your business, it is important to understand the primary responsibilities that these kinds of guards can hold.

Live guard patrols perform critical duties that will vary depending on the nature of your business and the size of your property. Construction sites, commercial buildings, shopping malls, educational institutions and hospitals can all benefit from live guards patrolling the premises. Below, we have highlighted 4 of the primary duties of a live guard patrol and the benefits they can provide for your business.

Are live guard patrols right for your business?

General Crime Deterrent 

One of the primary reasons that security guards are so effective is that criminals will think twice before perpetrating a crime if a live guard is present. Security cameras and signage can be easily thwarted by bad actors. Live guard patrols, on the other hand, provide much more of a challenge and a lot more risk. A live security guard on your property is visible to criminals and will provide a challenging obstacle that few will attempt to overtake. Live guards can also provide peace of mind to employees and customers by offering a sense of security as well as a trusted resource in the event of a security situation.

Observation of Suspicious Behavior

An effective security patrol will have extensive training and an innate ability to identify suspicious people and behavior. They will begin to understand the schedules and routines of your business, as well as which individuals are authorized to be on the premises. Over time and in consultation with you, live guard patrols will become adept at a identifying when things are off and require immediate attention. Their training will allow them to quickly spot when an individual is exhibiting suspicious behavior through their body language or other activities. These skills could help protect your business from a person who wishes to do harm before the situation becomes an emergency.

Verifying Your Systems 

As a business owner, you have likely installed a number of systems to help protect your business. Door locks, alarms and identification badges are all common safety features on commercial buildings. However, without regular monitoring, these could be a vulnerability if they were to ever become inoperable. Live guard patrols will perform regular checks on these systems to ensure that everything is in working order. They can also be on the lookout for inoperable lighting, broken fences or busted locks that could leave you open to a crime. If there is an issue, it can be communicated to you right away and remedied before a security situation arises.

Regular and Random Monitoring

A vital role of live guard patrols is to provide consistent monitoring of your property. However, consistent monitoring does not always mean scheduled monitoring. Live guard patrols will perform thorough and consistent rounds to ensure that they have inspected all aspects of your property, especially access points and areas that house valuable material or information. Patrols will be done frequently, so if something is off, it will be detected right away.

In addition to scheduled patrols, live guard patrols will perform random monitoring. If a criminal has been staking out your property, one of their priorities will be to understand the routines and schedules of your guards and employees. Random patrols make it almost impossible for a bad actor to anticipate where your guards will be at any given moment, providing you even more protection.

Live Guard Patrols Nationwide

When it comes to the security of your business, few security measures beat the protection offered by live guard patrols. No matter what kind of business you operate, it is critical that you consult with a professional security company to better understand your options when it comes to the protection of your people, property and assets.

At Off Duty Officers, we have been serving a wide variety of business customers for over 25 years. Live guard patrols are one of the most effective ways of providing security to properties including commercial buildings, construction sites, parking lots and hospitals. If you believe your business would benefit from live guard patrols, contact the experts at Off Duty Officers today. Our team will work with you to identify your vulnerabilities and recommend the best security solutions for your unique situation.

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