5 Benefits of Live Guard Patrol Security Services

If you are considering hiring security guards to protect your business or property, you are probably wondering what kinds of security services are best for your business. There are many options available to you depending on your unique needs and security vulnerabilities. A reputable security guard company will help walk you through the steps of choosing the right services for you. 

When you are looking to have the most effective security services available, you might consider mobile patrols to secure your property. Patrols are some of the best means of safeguarding your property and keeping your customers and employees safe. If you are a business owner or property manager who is responsible for protecting the people and property under your care, you should consider hiring experienced mobile patrol security services. 

Mobile patrols provide a variety of benefits to businesses of all size. Our live guard patrol and on-site security personnel security at the best in the nation and can deter vandalism, burglary and vagrancy. Continue on to learn about some of the key considerations when choosing to hire mobile patrols to protect your business. Then, call the security experts at Off Duty Officers. Our security teams can help you decide if mobile patrols are right for your business. 

5 Benefits of Mobile Patrol Security Services 

Observation and identification 

Trained security guards are skilled at identifying people and behaviors that are suspicious. They have a keen ability to observe and identify when things seem off. Professional security guards are adept at noticing discrepancies that could indicate a crime or security breach is about to or has taken place. Security personnel get to know your business and become even more skilled at identifying when things are not right. 

Your security guards will use their training in reading body language and mitigating risk to help your business stay protected. By performing regular or routine patrols, they can spot potential issues before they become major liabilities for your business. 

Security checks 

Prior to deploying to your property, an experienced security guard company will interview you to understand your most pressing security vulnerabilities. They will specifically choose security guards who have the skills and capabilities to provide you with the security that you need.

Often, guards will perform a standard set of duties while on patrol. This may include inspecting all the entrances and exits on the property to be sure that locks are intact and other access controls are in working order. They will also scour the premises for both new and existing vulnerabilities, such as inoperable cameras or lighting, broken fences and gates or ice or other environmental hazards. 

General safety resource 

When you hire a security guard from a reputable company, they receive training that goes above and beyond the norm. Very often security guards will receive training in other aspects of safety including de-escalation techniques, basic first aid and CPR as well as crowd control and evacuation procedures. Not only can guards be a valuable asset during an emergency, they can be highly valuable as a professional resource before a security event occurs. Your employees and customers can refer to your security staff when they have questions related to their safety and security. 

Visual deterrence

Security guards in general are effective even when they're not actively handling a security situation. The mere presence of a security guard on your property can often be enough to deter criminals from attempting their crimes. In particular, a uniformed guard demonstrates your commitment to the security of your employees and customers as well as the pride you take in your business. 

When mobile patrols make their rounds on your property, your employees and customers will immediately be reassured. Guards will be able to visually identify security hazards and immediately take action, unlike other security technologies. The human element of a mobile patrol means that a skilled and competent guard can make the right choice at the right time to keep your property and people safe. 

Random and scheduled patrols

Mobile patrols can be random, scheduled or some combination of the two depending on the needs of your business. There are benefits to both which is why many business owners choose to include random and scheduled mobile patrols in their security plans. 

Scheduled patrols are ideal for checking gates, fire alarms and other vital security features on your property. By having these routine patrols, you can ensure that these elements are checked on a regular basis and that they never go unnoticed. Random patrols add an element of surprise and unpredictability that can make your property even less of a target to criminals. When they can't predict when the patrols will occur, bad actors are far less likely to target your property. 

Hire mobile patrols to secure your business

If you are in need of mobile patrol services to protect your property, contact the security experts at Off Duty Officers today. We have been providing superior mobile patrol services for businesses nationwide for over 25 years. Construction sites, commercial properties and residential communities all rely on Off Duty Officers for patrol security services. Call our security team today to learn more about our mobile patrol services and to receive your free quote. 

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