School Security Is No Longer Optional

ODO School Security Guard on Campus

As news continues to stream across social media platforms and television hosts share devastating news, the latest Michigan shootings are leading Americans to demand school security. What began as an ideal is now seen as more of a mandate by parents, teachers, and school administrators. School boards and parent advisory groups are being inundated with requests for security at every campus, not just elementary and high schools.

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Top Three Reasons for School Security Guards

school bus

Families have peace of mind knowing the school their children attend is safe and being watched over. In today’s climate, instead of it being a choice, it should be the new standard because students deserve to be safe.

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Park Security Guards Ensure Safe Summer Fun

ODO Park Security

Whether a local community park or a city park, parks naturally become more crowded as the summer kicks in. Communities are ramping up with private security to monitor park grounds during peak hours, allowing a safe experience for everyone involved.

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Keeping Kids Safe Amid School Shootings

school children

Keeping Kids Safe Amid School Shootings CALL 888-408-5900 Fast Security Quote Form Owned by retired law enforecment, offering the best armed security guard services required at affordable prices. When Other Companies Can’t Off Duty Officers Can Contact Us Today Statistics indicate that there were about 25 shootings in 2019 that happened in a learning institution…

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Tips for Halloween Safety

halloween safety tips

Tips for Halloween Safety When you think of Halloween, what comes to mind? Spooky costumes, bags full of candy, or maybe even that Halloween bash you are throwing for friends and family. With all of the spooky fun, how much thought have you put into Halloween safety? Halloween can be a fun night for kids…

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9 Back To School Safety Tips

school Safety Tips

9 Back to School Safety Tips For many children across the country, school is back in session. With the mad rush to gather the proper supplies, meet the new teachers and organize transportation, it can be easy to forget to review some basic safety tips with your children. Security is something that we all need…

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10 Tips for Halloween Safety

Halloween is a time of year that signifies the coming of Fall. Kids dress up in their cute costumes and parents chase them as they make their way around the neighborhood, collecting candy as they go. The community participates in this spooky holiday with children’s safety as the number one priority. Here are some Halloween…

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