Banks Choosing Security Guards to Encourage Business As Usual

The good 'ole days of having security cameras and an emergency button behind the counter in America's banks are becoming obsolete as customers demand a higher level of protection. In the last year, with defunding of many law enforcement agencies and staff shortages, banks have found highly trained security guards to be an effective solution to allow customers and employees to feel safe while doing business.

It doesn't matter if security guards are at the entrance, in the drive-thru area, or at the cash teller. The presence of authority is naturally established by having uniformed security guards visible. The added security will make customers return for additional business and will also increase new customer accounts. Banks have realized that even though many day-to-day transactions shifted to online, a significant number of customers still want to have face-to-face interactions when it comes to their hard-earned money, and who can blame them? Tellers, employees, and customers are adjusting to lifted restrictions for doing in-person business. Banks would do well to beat the curve, call for a quote, and provide additional security to encourage in-person interactions sooner rather than later.

Security Guard Companies Prepared for Higher Demand

Exceptional security guard placement firms, which are well-established in cities across the nation, have been preparing for an increasing need for private security. Recognizing the likelihood of more demand based on the fallout from COVID-19, providers like Off Duty Officers have an entire staff of highly trained guards ready to start assignments. Banks are unique in that they are at higher risk due to the money and valuables physically onsite. Even though bringing extensive background from the military and law enforcement, security guards should have bank-specific training to best prepare them for likely scenarios and threats in this unique environment.

Security Guards for Bank Transport

Security guards who work in banks must be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. Banks face internal and external threats. Robbery attempts often include weapons which creates a much higher risk for those inside the building. Attention to what is happening out front of the bank is also part of these security guards' critical role. Many bank transport companies will have security guards to move the money from the back to the armed car. However, those security guards are focused on getting the valuables safely to the vehicle. In these times, there should also be a security guard employed by the bank to continue monitoring activity. Banks expose themselves to risk when not considering some of the specific needs that are greater with more openings and extended business hours.

Security Guards Enforce Safety Requirements

Although many safety restrictions have been lifted, depending on the state, some banks require limited capacity, the wearing of masks, and social distancing. It is vital to have someone designated to enforce these safety guidelines, and there is no one more effective than a security guard to handle this. Some people are reactive to these requests, and no employee should be required to manage this disruption. Overall, security guards become an extension of existing staff, allowing the burden of some of the mundane tasks to be handled by a customer friendly security guard. Today’s best security guards understand being customer-service oriented is essential to the business they protect. People may be coming out to the bank for the first time, and only a positive experience throughout will get business back to normal, which is what all companies are striving towards. A friendly, authoritative, and confident security guard sets the tone for order, deters ill intentions and disruptive behavior, and gives customers and employees a greater sense of security.

Overall, the increased demand for hiring private security guards is because these men and women, available to start immediately, allow companies to open while re-staffing and extending business hours. It is especially beneficial for companies that have been closed because excellent security guards are trained to do initial threat and vulnerability assessments, which include checking to ensure all safety equipment is working. Suppose the bank or business has been unoccupied for an extended amount of time. In that case, security guards will check safety equipment, such as ensuring fire extinguishers are up to date, fire alarms are tested, and doors are lockable and trigger appropriate alerts when opened. Identifying areas with higher risk and learning evacuation routes gives a complete understanding of the safest exits and their locations. In an emergency, the security guard will take the lead, working with any emergency agencies and calmly handling other scenarios that most employees are not equipped to manage.

Choosing a reputable and professional private security guard placement provider should be strongly considered by any business seeking to get back to business safely and securely. Many providers have options for different size budgets, so calling for a free quote means being better prepared for when needed.

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