Are You Ready for a Career in Security?

For many people, the new year means a new start. If you are unhappy in your current career or need to find your next challenge, have you considered a career as a security guard? 

Now more than ever before, qualified and trained security guards are in high demand across the country. Despite the recent challenging times, security guards will always be a desirable service. After all, security threats will never go away. 

How do you know if security is the right career move for you? Do you have the skills and personality to get the job done? Read on to learn more about a security guard career and how you can get started today. 

Why Become a Security Guard in 2021

Security guards are highly desired. 

There will always be a need for security. Threats can come at any time and they can change from day to day. People everywhere want to feel safe living, working and doing business. 

Business owners have a duty to protect their employees and customers, but often do not have the know-how to adequately protect their businesses. Security guards can be dispatched to any property and any type of business to handle whatever needs to be done in order to protect what’s most valuable. With the right training, certifications and licensure, security guards can work in almost any setting, from a residential property or retail store to a construction site or commercial building. 

Because security guards are desired across all industries, they have the chance to work in a variety of settings and perform a wide-range of duties. There are ample opportunities for advancement with the right security guard company who values their employees. 

In addition to the professional advancement opportunities that the career offers, security guards can make a great salary. But money isn’t the only reimbursement. Every day, they have the rewarding responsibility of keeping people safe and secure. 

Top 5 Skills Needed to Be a Successful Security Guard

Do you have what it takes to be a top security guard with a company like Off Duty Officers? Among other things, we look for the following skills in our guards: 

Good judgement: Security guards are faced with hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions in a given day. It is critical that guards exercise sound judgement when handling difficult or dangerous situations and when dealing with people from all walks of life. 

Honesty: Clients are relying on security guards to keep them safe. They will often trust guards will confidential information and provide unprecedented access needed for them to do their jobs. Guards must have high levels of integrity to serve their clients and operate at the highest levels possible. 

Reliability: Security guards are only effective if they are present and alert. Clients rely on guards to be there when and where they need them. Reliability is one of the trademarks of an effective security guard. 

Professionalism: Guards do more than protect people and property. They often act as a visual representative of their client, helping with customer service and being a point of contact for employees, customers and visitors to a property. 

Leadership: The best guards do not follow, but lead. They take the initiative to provide the security that is needed and do not wait until it is too late to act. 

Are you interested in becoming a security guard with Off Duty Officers? 

Are you interested in a career as a security guard? Do you want to work with one of the leading security guard companies in the nation? Do you possess the skills that are required to be a successful guard? 

Consider a career with Off Duty Officers. We have been the leader in security guard solutions across the country for over 25 years. Submit the brief form on our website to apply and one of our security specialists will contact you shortly. There are many opportunities available for those who are looking for their next challenge. 

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