4 Industries Hiring More Security Guards

Security guards are an asset for businesses across all industries. Whenever there are valuable resources at stake, professionally trained security personnel are the first and most effective defense. In recent years, new security threats have emerged with the growth or legalization of new industries, making the role of the security guard even more essential for the protection of people and property. The Bureau of Statistics recognizes the steady growth of the security industry. Their studies indicate that employment for security professionals will increase by about 5% over the next five years.

The continued growth of the field and the emergence of industries newly hiring security guards means that there is more variety for those entering the profession. Security guards are not just employed by retail establishments, executives and celebrities. More and more people join the field and begin a professional security career working in educational institutions, event services, the marijuana industry and dining establishments.

If you are looking to enter the security field or grow your career, you might be wondering which industries are hiring the most security guards. We have listed some of the sectors that are beginning to hire more security guards than ever before. Although not a comprehensive list, these industries represent new opportunities for specialization and training for new or veteran security guards alike.

Industries That Provide More Opportunities for Security Guards

Educational Institutions

All too often, we hear about another mass shooting at a school or university in the United States. This unfortunate pattern has created an even stronger demand for protecting children and educators across the country. No school is free from security threats. Attacks can occur at elementary schools just as easily as they do on college campuses.

Specially trained security guards can provide a valuable service for anyone who enters an educational institution. They can identify suspicious people and behaviors and manage access to the campus to prevent shootings, fights, riots or any other potential threat to the safety of those on the premises. The mere presence of professionally trained security guards, including both armed and unarmed guards, can be enough to deter a threat before anyone is at risk.

Large Special Events

Music festivals, sporting events and other large gatherings are becoming more popular than ever before. Unfortunately, this means that these events have become targets for those who want to do harm, make a point or simply wreak havoc on innocent people.

With highly-publicized attacks such as those in Paris and Las Vegas over recent years, event organizers have recognized just how important security is to the success of their events. Security guards who have specialized training in settings such as sports games, concerts and festivals are in high demand. Event security guards can manage large crowds and access points, verify credentials and check for dangerous or illegal items. Trusted and experienced security guards can help prevent a tragedy from occurring and save the lives of countless people.

Marijuana Dispensaries

In states where marijuana is legalized to some degree, including California, Colorado, Illinois and Washington, there is a growing need for security personnel to protect dispensaries. As cash businesses, dispensaries are at a higher risk of being targeted by thieves who want access to the bundles of cash and merchandise that are regularly on site.

Security guards are indispensable to the industry. They provide valuable services, including monitoring access to the dispensary, checking identification and managing any issues that may occur. If a threat does present itself, trained security guards can act quickly to protect the employees, cash and products on the premises.

Dining Establishments

It has always been common to see a security guard at the entrance of a drinking establishment. In recent years, it has become more typical to see a security guard at a fast-food restaurant or other dining establishment. Fast-food restaurants are often the marks of thieves or vandals who think these restaurants are easy targets, especially those that are open late into the night.

Viral videos that show altercations between employees and patrons or patrons and other patrons indicate that there is a need for professional security guards to mitigate these threats and keep order. As an owner or manager of a fast-food restaurant, a dedicated security guard from a trusted security guard company may help you avoid a costly lawsuit or bad press that can hurt your business and reputation.

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