7 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe

At Off Duty Officers, we understand that security is not just for businesses, residential communities, construction sites and commercial properties. Safe communities start at home. These days, residents of condominiums, apartments and single family homes must consider their security 24/7.

Burglaries are one of the most common crimes to occur across the country. Even safe residential communities can become targets for opportunistic criminals. To help keep you and your family secure, we want to share our top 7 tips for keeping your home safe throughout the year.

Secure doors and windows

You might be surprised to learn that many burglars don't have to try too hard to access your home. Unlike the elaborate schemes we see in film and television, more often than not a burglar enters through an unlocked door or unsecured window.

Before retiring for the night, leaving for work or going away on vacation, check all doors and windows to ensure that they are in working order. Look for broken frames or hinges or inoperable locking mechanisms. Check to make sure that all doors and windows are locked and secured.

Hide expensive items

Don't lure a would-be thief by leaving valuable items in plain view. Sporting equipment, bicycles and outdoor furniture can be tempting to a thief who wants to make a quick buck. Sure, it might be a hassle to bring these items into the garage or shed. However, it can save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

Illuminate your property

A well-lit property is one of your strongest deterrents to thieves and vandals. Think about it. A burglar is less likely to attempt their crime when property and motion detecting lights increase their chances of being seen. Outdoor lights placed strategically around your property should be a vital component of your at-home security plan. Schedule regular checks of your lighting to ensure that everything is working and lighting the appropriate areas of your property. 

Maintain your landscaping

Overgrown and neglected landscaping can give your home the appearance of being vacant. This alone can be enough to attract a criminal. However, large and untrimmed bushes can provide enough cover for a thief to get away with a crime. Plants, bushes and trees that block windows can make it difficult for you to keep eyes on your property. Keep up on your landscaping or hire a company to maintain the premises.

Check your mailbox

While it may seem frivolous, be sure to check and empty your mailbox regularly. A surefire sign that you are out of town is an overflowing mailbox. If you will be traveling, contact the post office so they can hold your mail while you are away. Or, enlist a trusted friend or neighbor to collect your mail for you.

Don't forget about your vehicle

Leaving your vehicle in your driveway or parked in front of your home can make it a target for thieves and vandals. Always be sure to hide valuable items in the trunk or out of sight. Better yet, bring these items into your home so they do not tempt thieves passing by. If possible, always keep your car in a garage or other secured area. Always lock your vehicle, even if you think it contains nothing of value.

Hire professional security guards from Off Duty Officers 

Everyone has the desire to feel safe at home. By following the tips above, you can take steps to protect your home and property. If you live in a residential community such as a condo, apartment or gated neighborhood, contact your property manager or HOA to discuss the need for hiring professional security guards. 

Professional residential security guards play a vital role in keeping residents safe. They monitor for suspicious activity, manage access points and address security issues as they arise. An experienced security company can help your community identify your security needs and offer you the best security guard solutions for your circumstances. 

Neighborhood protection is key to keeping individual homes safe and secure. If you are interested in learning more about professional security guard services, contact the team at Off Duty Officers today. Our specialists are standing by to help you keep your home and residential community protected. 

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