4 Wintertime Threats to Residential Properties

While most residential crime occurs in the summertime, it does not mean that your property is safe during the winter months. As an owner or manager of a residential community, it is your responsibility to keep your property and residents safe all throughout the year. Since the winter season is upon us, take note of these 4 top security concerns for residential properties during the wintertime.

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Slips and Falls 

In the workplace, slips and falls are one of the leading causes of injury among employees. However, these kinds of injuries also occur at home just as frequently. In locations where winter weather events are common, it is imperative that owners address snowy and icy conditions right away. Failing to do so can result in unsafe conditions for residents and employees, and may even leave you facing a lawsuit if someone were to be seriously injured. 

Hire a snow removal company to be on-call when any adverse weather conditions present themselves. Be sure to have ice-melt, shovels, snow blowers and other equipment on site so you can quickly address any unsafe conditions. Security guards can also be a valuable resource, by notifying you of wintery conditions on your property that you are unaware of and helping residents in need. 

Non-Operational Lighting 

The sun goes down earlier in the winter season, meaning that it gets dark before many people get home from work. Having operational lighting fixtures on your property is even more important during this time of year. Parking lots and stairwells that are well-lit will be far less likely to be targeted by criminals. Residents and their guests will be safer walking alone on the property and be better able to identify icy or other unsafe conditions. Check your entire property to ensure that your streetlights and other lighting fixtures are operational. If an area is not properly lit, consider installing lighting fixtures right away. 


One of the greatest threats to homeowners or renters during the winter is burglary. Many people travel for the holidays or spend a great deal of time out of the home during this time of year. Thieves take advantage of this fact by targeting homes and apartments that are obviously unoccupied. Inform your residents of the increased risk and provide them with information on how to keep their homes safe from a thief. Hire temporary security personnel to monitor and manage access to your property and perform mobile patrols to identify suspicious behavior. 

Car Break-ins

Homes and apartments are not the only targets for thieves. Car thefts occur at high rates around the holidays. Thieves know that many residents are out of town, leaving their vehicles unattended for long periods of time. Holiday shoppers may leave gifts and other valuables in their cars making them an unwitting target for a bad actor. Again, professional security guards can be a significant deterrence to this kind of crime, helping give you and your residents peace of mind. 

Protect Your Residential Community with Professional Security Guards 

As the owner or operator of any business, it is critical that you consider the changing security threats throughout the year. Certain hazards and crimes are more likely to occur in the winter, and should be addressed annually to ensure that your security protocols are still effective. If you need a reliable partner to help you keep your residential property safe and secure this winter or anytime of the year, reach out to Off Duty Officers today. 

Our professional staff of security professionals is standing by to help you understand your unique security threats and suggest the best security guard solutions that match your needs and budget. 

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