4 Steps to Creating a Safety Culture in the Workplace

People go to extreme measures to protect their bank accounts, identity, assets, and loved ones. In today’s world, prioritizing workplace safety should also be at the top of the list. The good news is that business owners don’t have to do it alone. Creating a safe and secure workplace can be multi-faceted, ensuring the highest level of protection of people and assets. Adding private security guards to the workplace makes it evident to all that a safe and secure workspace is the standard.

Whether in an office, warehouse, construction site, or any other working environment, thieves are always on the lookout for an easy target, so don't make your business one of them. How can companies protect themselves from vandalism, theft, and other crimes? There are nine things that every business should consider when creating a safe workplace.

Identify Vulnerable Areas

Vulnerabilities are something criminals are well-versed in, and it can be a grave disadvantage to companies that are not mindful of identifying vulnerabilities and mitigating them. Criminals commonly seek out broken locks on doors, windows, or an out-of-date alarm system. Dark or poorly lit areas, including parking lots, should be considered when identifying vulnerabilities. All companies need protection from anyone wanting to gain access illegally, which may also include disgruntled employees. One of the values of hiring private security guards in the workplace is risk assessment upon arrival and throughout the length of the assignment. Professionally trained workplace security personnel, like those at Off Duty Officers, identify vulnerabilities immediately and work with companies to find ways to minimize the risk. According to studies, workplaces with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be targeted.

Continual Monitoring and Assessment of Security Measures

Complacency is the number one culprit when it comes to companies being targeted for crimes. Having a surveillance system with malfunctioning equipment is not very useful. Visible cameras may be visual deterrents initially, but criminals are savvy and find opportunities if security is not monitored and updated. Remember that the key is to avoid break-ins ahead – not watch video after the fact. Companies who choose to hire workplace security guards have professional coverage for access points, surveillance video monitoring, and parking lot security. If an area is identified as vulnerable, it should be covered by cameras or a mobile patrol. Creating a workplace safety culture must begin at the top, which means investment in equipping people to succeed.

Building A Culture of Safety Accountability

Most people naturally create shortcuts in the workplace, especially after being there for a while. An example is an employee who props open an exit door for a smoke break because it is closer than going downstairs to the smoking area. In this scenario, there are not only liability and safety issues but left unchecked can leave your business vulnerable. Business leaders have an opportunity to create a culture where safety is valued, and people hold each other accountable. Safety training allows staff to recognize what others face in their own role, engaging everyone to focus on the goal of a safe workspace.

If hiring private security guards are hired, they can take the role of emergency response, risk assessment, and workplace monitoring. In some companies, an individual is appointed and given additional safety responsibilities. Handsomely reward those who step into these roles and continue to find ways to engage your staff. Employees should feel empowered in keeping their workplace safe.

Encourage Reporting of Suspicious Behavior

Once employees feel ownership over the safety of where they work, there will likely be more reports of things they notice or find suspicious. It is critical to encourage this without feeding paranoia. Some common things that are not typically reported in the workplace that can leave a company vulnerable are:

  • Missing Keys – often, a missing key or access card does not seem like a priority to report, especially if there is no immediate threat, like a terminated employee. However, this is something that should be reported immediately.
  • Propped doors or windows – regardless of the reason why a door or window is propped or wedged open, this is not safe or secure for any company.
  • Someone tailgating an employee – we have all seen it done – someone forgets their card or access code and follows another employee inside the parking structure or building. Although this seems harmless, it is dangerous because tracking is nearly impossible if someone is followed.
  • Unknown Vehicles – whether in the parking lot or out front of the business, suspicious cars or any odd behavior should be reported.

If a company's culture encourages everyone to report these things or anything that seems out of the ordinary or suspicious, it is not seen as negative. Any company that wants to protect its people and assets must uphold the policies around workplace and security and do its part to create a culture that values safety.

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