3 Reasons Retailers Should Hire Private Security Guards for Black Friday

According to the National Retail Federation, retail sales this holiday season are expected to exceed those of last year. Reports indicate a 3.8 to 4.2 percent increase resulting in sales of around $730 billion. Although online shopping numbers have continued to grow, that does not mean that shoppers are avoiding the brick-and-mortar stores altogether.

Many still enjoy the thrill of the in-store experience and the hunt for bargains. However, crowds of frenzied shoppers can lead to dangerous safety and security issues. Emotions run high as large groups rush to be the first to grab the best deals. Stories of people being trampled, seriously injured or even killed while Black Friday shopping have made headlines over the years. 

As a retail store owner or manager, the safety and security of your employees, customers and property should be a top concern this holiday season. Retailers across the country face unique security challenges from Black Friday through Cyber Monday as shoppers converge on retail establishments in droves. Some of the most prevalent security issues retailers face include:  

  • Shoplifting by thieves and employees  
  • Vandalism and destruction of store property
  • Parking lot related incidents including car accidents, arguments and traffic jams
  • Fraudulent use of credit cards
  • Unruly crowds and the threat of trampling
  • Customer-on-customer violence
  • Customer-on-employee violence

How Do You Protect Your Business?

With these kinds of security challenges, retailers need effective solutions to keep their employees, customers and merchandise safe. In addition to hiring professional security guards during the busy holiday shopping season, retailers should reassess their current security systems. Faulty or outdated systems can leave your business vulnerable and your employees at risk.

Speaking of employees, the period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday represents some of the busiest and most taxing workdays of the year for retail employees. Many of them will be faced with situations that they rarely encounter other times of the year. Retailers should prepare their employees for the rush by providing additional training on theft prevention, handling angry customers and emergency procedures. A little preparation can go far in helping your employees to feel confident and able to act in the face of a threat. 

One of the most effective ways to protect your business during Black Friday is to hire temporary, professional security guards. Private security companies can dispatch trained security officers who understand your security risks and have the knowledge and skills to keep your business safe and secure.

3 Reasons Retailers Should Hire Private Security Guards for Black Friday

Are you wondering if you need private security guards for Black Friday? If you plan on being open for business, you should plan on hiring a team of professional security guards to keep your retail store protected.

There are many advantages to hiring a private security company for the holiday shopping season. Here are 3 of the top benefits for your business:   

Receive a comprehensive risk assessment

Working with a private security company offers more than just trained guards. Security professionals can help you assess the risks that are unique to your business and property. They can identify potential vulnerabilities in your systems and processes and provide practical solutions so you can be prepared. Black Friday is unlike most other shopping days. Security professionals can give retailers peace of mind in knowing that they have covered all their bases when it comes to protecting their business.

Deter thieves and catch shoplifters  

Crime is high on Black Friday. From pickpockets to shoplifters, theft rates rise at retailers across the country. Thieves take advantage of the large crowds, distracted shoppers and the overall chaos of the day to perpetrate their crimes. Security guards act as a visible deterrent to would-be criminals. Guards are also trained to identify suspicious behavior, so they can prevent a theft before it occurs. As an extra set of eyes on your merchandise, retail guards can act fast to protect your property.

Keep people safe and secure

You’ve probably seen videos of shoppers rushing through the gates of a retail establishment as soon as they open. People push and shove their way through the crowd to be the first one to score the deal of the day. Imagine if one of your employees or customers got caught under the crowd or pushed into the chaos. Serious injuries occur when crowds get out of hand. Security guards act as gatekeepers, controlling crowds to ensure that people enter and exit your store in a safe and orderly fashion. They are also on hand to intervene in the event of a fight or other type of altercation.

Off Duty Officers: Your Partner in Security for Black Friday and Beyond

For over twenty years, Off Duty Officers has provided top-notch private security guards to businesses across all industries. As one of the premier security guard companies in the nation, retailers have trusted us to provide reliable temporary security officers when they need it most. Our guards can help you prevent theft, violence and injury so that your customers can shop with ease and peace of mind this Black Friday.

Learn more about protecting your business during Black Friday by contacting our team of security professionals today. 

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