3 Benefits of Hiring Security Guards

Do you care about keeping your business safe? If you are like most business owners, you understand that the security of your staff, customers and property is a critical component of making your business a successful enterprise. 

Businesses of all kinds experience threats from both internal and external factors. Security threats occur all the time, and often without any warning. The impact on your business can vary, from minor loss of merchandise or a hit to your reputation, to injury and loss of life. From theft and vandalism to workplace violence and terrorism, no business is immune. 

As more and more business owners and operators understand this, they are turning to security guard services to get the protection that they need. Security guards provide a variety of services to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses. They are able to provide quick response to a number of security situations, giving business owners and operators the peace of mind they desire. 

At Off Duty Officers, we have been leading the industry in providing highly trained, professional security guards for clients operating in commercial business, construction sites, cannabis industry, retail establishments, executive and VIP protection, events and trade shows, temporary guards and armed and unarmed guards. We are the leading provider of security guard solutions that are customized to meet your unique needs.

If you are considering hiring private security guard services for your business, consider these three advantages and then call Off Duty Officers to learn more about our custom security solutions.

3 Advantages to Hiring Professional Security Guards

Crime prevention services 

When it comes to stopping security threats, the key is to take preventative measures well in advance. By working with our professional security team, you can gain a better understanding of your unique security threats and identify the right amount of security for your needs. Doing this work ahead of time will ensure that you are prepared for whatever security issues come your way.

As a business owner, it will be impossible to anticipate when a security threat will occur. However, you can be prepared by employing professional security guards. Not only will this give you, your employees and your customers peace of mind, the presence of security guards on your property is often enough to deter criminals from acting in the first place.

Quick response to security threats 

Depending on where your business operates, you can't always rely on law enforcement to arrive within minutes when you are facing a security threat. One of the primary advantages to having security guards on site is their ability to immediately react to situations and take steps to mitigate them before law enforcement comes on the scene. Professional security guards from Off Duty Officers receive extensive training so they are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to adequately handle a wide variety of difficult and dangerous situations.

Hiring security guards to manage access to your property, perform live patrols of the premises, secure parking areas or monitor your lobby is an effective way of ensuring that you will have a reliable, fast response to threats.

Professionalism and customer service 

When a customer or staff member enters your building, they want to feel safe and secure doing business there. The presence of professional, uniformed security guards gives the people entering your building a sense of confidence that their safety is a priority. Security guards from a reputable company can significantly improve your customer service and enhance employee satisfaction.

In addition to displaying professionalism, security guards receive top-of-the-line training and take the time to learn your business so they can provide the best service possible for your customers.

The security of your business should not be taken lightly.

Unfortunately, businesses today are facing more security threats than ever before. It is more important than in the past that business owners and operators secure a professional security guard company to help them create a security plan that works for their business.

At Off Duty Officers, we have been the leading provider of off duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel for over 25 years. Our team of security specialists is adept at working with businesses of all sizes and across all industries to identify their security threats, suggest security solutions and support your business during, after and in-between security threats.

Contact Off Duty Officers today for a free quote and to learn more about hiring professional, reliable security guards for your business.

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