Why Your Executive Needs Protection

Do your top executives have personal security? If they don’t, it might be time to consider it. Executives and other key members of your company are facing even greater risks than ever before when it comes to their personal security. If you are not taking every precaution to protect your high-profile CEO and executives, you are leaving them at risk for potential threats from a variety of unpredictable sources. 

For the largest companies, executive security is a hefty yet necessary expense.  According to Fortune.com, Facebook spent more than $7.3 million protecting Mark Zuckerberg at home and abroad in 2017, and more than $2.6 million protecting Sheryl Sandberg in that same year. Other companies may spend less on executive protection, but the price is still tangible. For example, Amazon reported spending $1.6 million protecting their CEO Jeff Bezos in 2016.

Why do these companies shell out so much money in order to protect their executives? The threats executives face are serious and can have a substantial impact on the business and the lives of many people. These large companies understand that providing executive protection is not a luxury but a necessity. 

Why Your CEO Needs Executive Protection

You might be wondering why your executive would ever need security. Or perhaps your CEO finds it ridiculous to think she would need private security protection. After all, she has never faced a threat before. This kind of thinking could cost your business money, intellectual property and its reputation. Worse yet, it could cost your executive her life. 

In the age of the internet, information can be easy to come by for dangerous people. This means that executives, their staff and their security personnel need to be more vigilant than ever before. No security threat is small when it comes to protecting one of your most valuable assets. 

Off Duty Officers leads the nation in providing top-level, highly trained VIP and executive protection security services to companies across all industries. Our security officers are well-versed in the kinds of threats that high-profile executives can face. The training they receive gives them the necessary skillset and mindset they need to be effective. 

Top-level executives face all types of threats today. Some of the most common threats that your CEO or key executives can face include: 

  • Disgruntled employees or ex-employees
  • Angry crowds or protestors 
  • Terrorism 
  • Political violence or unrest at home and abroad 
  • Extortion 
  • Kidnapping
  • Being held for ransom 
  • Stalkers 
  • Threats to their families 

Benefits of Executive Protection

It’s clear that executives face threats from many different angles. Mitigating these risks is a job left up to professional security personnel with the experience and skills to assess threats and act quickly. The value of providing your executive with security protection far outweighs the costs. Let’s explore some of the primary benefits of executive protection for your business. 

Keep your executive performing at an optimal level.

If your executive is constantly concerned about security and fearful of possible threats, she will not be as effective as she needs to be. Providing protection for your CEO while speaking at public events, traveling at home and abroad and anytime she is exposed can provide peace of mind and greater productivity. 

Protect business information and trade secrets. 

Motivated by money or power, some criminals will attempt to obtain valuable business information from an executive through the use of force or threats. Executive protection security guards will be aware of the threat and take the necessary actions to prevent it from escalating to dangerous levels. 

Maintain morale throughout the company.

The morale of your company’s employees is a key factor in the ability of your business to stay on top. When your top-level executives have their security threatened, there is the potential for it to create a negative impact on the people who work for your company. 

Avoid negative attention in the media.  

Keeping your business strong in the eyes of the customer is critical to the success of any business. Negative media attention due to a kidnapping or violent attack on your top executives may result in changing opinions about your company. 

Off Duty Officers VIP and Executive Protection Services 

If you are not providing VIP and executive protection security services for your high-profile executives, it is time to contact Off Duty Officers. Since 1993, we have been the top provider of off duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel for businesses nationwide. 

When the safety of your executive is your top priority, there is only one security company you should trust. Contact Off Duty Officers for a quote on executive protection services today at (844) 350-5628. 

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